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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Alicia Chenaux

I'm still pissed off that my photos were used for that presentation without my permission. That's all I have to say.

Tymmerie Thorne

Correlation is NOT causation.

While, I appreciate your efforts to bring real numbers to your articles, you need to be careful of how you are interpreting the data. I have noticed a misuse of statistics in more than one article on NWN.

I am guessing that the true cause might be something else - after all the scion chicken fad lasted more than one month. The rise and drops are very steep. What were the numbers for the same month last year? What other events in and out of SL were happening? Were there changes in policies at LL?


Well yea I thought Sion Chicken´s was very annoying in Second Life because the lag and so.

However this is a good example of viral marketing for sure.

It was just a big success indeed.

Second Life can be crazy sometimes! ;)

Hamlet Au

Tym, since the Lindens themselves made that correlation, it's reasonable to believe no other significant factors were at work to explain the spike -- after all, while they won't publicly report it, they can and do track sales of specific items. (I do know for sure they were tracking Chickens closely!) They're probably only citing the correlation so as to not specify how many customers Sion had. For myself, I can't think of any other factors that would cause such a brief but notable spike.

Buckaroo Mu

July is also, if I remember correctly, the finale of the Relay for Life in Second Life. LOTS of people raising money for the American Cancer Society. I can easily see this event causing a huge jump in L$-using users - in 2009, they raised something like $350,000 USD over the entire Relay.

That being said, I'm really incredibly glad that the damned chickens are gone. A sim-mate put up a chicken farm and every 20 seconds, anyone moving would suddenly fly across the sim before bouncing back to where they were. Thankfully, the Labs acted on my "Misuse of simulator resources" AR and made the owner take them up.

Arcadia Codesmith

Blame the chicken owners all you want for performance issues, but if creators had a robust, up-to-date platform to work with, there wouldn't be any performance issues.

Pappy Enoch

Well, it am a proud day because NWN are a coverin' the REAL news of the fake world.

I ain't talkin' about the near-pokeyclipse today when them Lindens spilled Koolaid in the server cluster (whatever the heck that are), but them-there fake chikkins.

I misses Doc Zaius' ckikkins. They was good eatin, specially the purple eggs.

Lem Skall

@Alicia, get over it. Or gee, maybe I should be pissed off too, my name and picture are in there (on Pixeleen Mistral's Facebook page) and they are not blurred or something.

How many people should you also ask for permission then when you take your pictures? And DID you ask them all for their permission?

I agree it's not a simple matter. It can't become a world of free for all and changes have to be made in IP legislations to bring about the right balance. But, first of all, this case is most likely a case of fair use. And most of all, it's getting ridiculous when some amateur publishing some trivial thing on the Internet feels so entitled.

Hamlet Au

I dunno, Lem, the dude could have at least credited her blog in a title or something.

Lem Skall

Hamlet, he had a 5 minute presentation that used a lot of pictures from many people. Alicia's picture(s) (I recognized only one) was even only tangential to the subject and not the subject itself. I think it would be just as ridiculous to have a 5 minute clip and then tens of credits. Especially when the clip is not a work of art or a commercial product (and neither are Alicia's pictures) but just a presentation that is published for free.

Alicia is not even asking for credit, she is asking for permission. And it's one thing to just feel miffed, it's another thing to make a public statement. Demands like that only obstruct the creativity of others.

Like I said, there has to be a balance. And I think that demands like that are far off-balance.

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