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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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Arcadia Codesmith

The hugger is cute.

The meat of the research is in the text parsing for emotional weight. If we could combine it with a more versatile face animator and a nuanced posture generator, this has the potential to give avatar presentation a quantum boost out of the uncanny valley... which is nothing but win for more widespread adoption.


what a delightful idea, would be better if it was just incorporated into a plain t-shirt rather than an imbarressing collection of cut out shapes and straps :)

Sqeeze Me

Oh, I can think of so many parts of the human body that could be touched, rubbed and squeezed...

The application area for thoses devices are endless(ly pleasurable).

Talvin Muircastle

Ah, yes! When those Big Corporate Meetings finally become popular in SL, *everybody* will wear one of these! Think of it!

Somebody will come up with a firm handshake macro to go with it, I hope.

...Wait, what did you think I meant?


I'm all for new technology. But this is clearly too much time spent in Second Life. Anyone creating a hug generator needs to consider a nice long vacation.

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