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Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Toxic Menges

beautiful work bob.. congrats! It was worth all the controlled breathing ;)

Nahasa Singh

As I commented in youtube, I wonder how you managed to sign Tom Waits to do the narration :P

Outstanding work Bob !

Extropia DaSilva

A poem:

A group of people came one day,
long time after he passed away,
They broke into his igloo coffin,
Stuck him on a sledge to be carried off in.

His body was frozen, ice on his throat,
in his cold, blue hands he grasped a note:

"The wind is too loud,
no one hears me shout,
I wish I could cut my way out.
Lord of lord but I am thick,
Why oh why did I forget my icepick?"

Harper Ganesvoort
"I recently went to a talk given by a machinima creator who basically said 'Know your limits'. I'd wholeheartedly disagree with that advice. If there's a big red button with a sign saying 'Do Not Push', then I'm definitely an advocate of pushing it to see what happens. And then figuring out how to undo the subsequent mess."

Hmmmm; it sounds like BobE's a student of the Miss Frizzle School of Cinema; take chances and get messy.

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