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Monday, May 17, 2010


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Ann Otoole



great video! Really shows the power of these immersive 3d spaces.

I'm confused about the part about "reading a bedtime story to your children" though. SL is restricted to 18 and up still, assuming this isn't on the enterprise private grid, no?


Thank you Rik. In re children - the concept is proposed for SL Enterprise & will allow minors to access the locations [4 islands in total I believe]. They are looking into opening part of it to the main grid down the line.

Extropia DaSilva

One of the most impressive results of using virtual reality in hospitals has to be the work pioneered by Hunter Hoffman. There is a general consensus that burns are the most painful condition a person can suffer, and burns victims must have their bandages replaced several times a day, which is a truly agonizing experience.

Hoffman designed a virtual environment, a tranquil, snowy landscape that the burns victims could explore (they wore vr headsets) while their wounds were re-dressed. This distracted their minds from physical reality and it had a definite effect in reducing the pain. In fact, some participants said they regarded the times when their wounds were being re-dressed, as the best part of the day!

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