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Monday, May 03, 2010


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Fogwoman Gray

Isn't it wonderful how competition drives innovation?

Troy McConaghy

For those people who don't think about the year in 'Q's, this means mesh imports will be in public beta before the end of June 2010.


i think the biggest item was better intergration of Avatars united with the viewer2.0

Toady Nakamura

We already make sculpties in Maya and Blender at Grendel's Children!! So do many, many other designers in SL!!

Meshes are fabulous, no doubt, but it will take MORE prims to bring in a 'ready-made mesh' than to build same thing in sculpty prims. In fact, some mesh designers have asked that the number of prims per sim be *doubled* to accommodate meshes.

Personally, I can't see the Lab doubling our prims.

So while innovative & interesting, meshes aren't game changers or designer killers, even if it gets a lot more press than fixing less sexy items (like group chat) or the screen hopping which prevents people with motion disorders from upgrading to 2.0.

Damien Fate

Toady, I'd argue that Mesh is a game changer, one of the main reasons being that out of all the people in the world who can create 3D objects, only a small percentage currently make them in SL because our tools are so limited.

Now, people with many years in proper 3D design can bring their skills to Second Life. We're going to see a content explosion of quality items!

Exciting :)

Keller Teichmann

Toady, your accusation that static mesh is even less efficient then regular prims is frankly hilarious.

Using the same 'budget' given to sculpties (32x32, or 1024 vertices), what was once unthinkable or in the best cases very rare - passable, even high-quality one prim builds - are not only attainable but likely feasible.

To compare, with sculpties I can make a product in 30-50 prims, and gradually piece it together (or hope sim lag doesn't tear apart an auto-building script). With static mesh, I could make it in 2 or 3 and upload it already perfectly sized, upload a texture, and be done.

The things this could do for SL building is simultaneously amazing and possibly traumatizing, however. I can see a ton of game content being ripped and pushed into SL.

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