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Monday, May 17, 2010


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Ann Otoole

Yea but we ain't sharing. No need for the SL Loser taint to go any further than it already has.

Wol Euler

You could always tell people that you met your S.O. in the queue for a public toilet, if you find meeting in SL too embarrassing.


Until a game comes around and makes regular life dull and unimaginative, then I don't think this documentary would be very popular. Maybe when we have perfected translating brain waves into binary code and vice versa, will we actually have a virtual reality that we could make better than ours. Then of course, the consequences would be dire. People would probably die playing the game, unless this reality is an illusion, then the "advanced" version of our reality in a game, where we are allowed to fly and pass through solid objects, we would also be able to nourish our real bodies through digital information fed into our brain and work out in the alternate reality, and it would transfer over to our current reality.

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