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Sunday, May 30, 2010


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I spent four hours sailing with my boyfriend, the weather was perfect. (╹◡╹)
Rebuilt Kittyhotep's Pyramid with megaprims. Seventy-eight prims down to seven. I wonder if saving prims makes a greener world? HaHa.

Spent thirty minutes explaining to a naked noob, that even though he is premium, he can't move into my house. Changed my land to no-rez, haha.

Installed CS5. Ok, not technically in Second Life, but for it.

Bought four pairs of shoes, two hairs and a pink pig.

Went to a great party, that was almost ruined when a political discussion erupted.

Tried Kirsten's newest viewer. It's very pretty, but I can't enjoy the V2 interface and I've been trying for the last month.

My boyfriend (real world husband) and I signed up with Inworldz. We spent about an hour there. It's like Second Life in about 2007; really worse than that. Had a lot of trouble, even with my new monster computer. Still, it's cheap right now. But I wonder how much it will cost when beta is over. My husband is thinking about buying an island, but I'm not so sure. So what is better, hosting your own region in New World Grid, or Inworldz for seventy-five U.S. (that will go up in price later, but they did say they would grandfather that price for one year)?

So, a boring weekend, but fun too :)

Adeon Writer

Messed around on Kirsten's new viewer S20(S21), knocked out a few script requests for various friends (still a few in the queue), and spent a hour racing around some tracks at Racers Island.

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