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Monday, May 24, 2010


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Seems like a good idea for canned games, but I can't see it working well for a constantly changing environment like Second Life. I don't see it being able to keep up with windlight and building or even physics. Sure, you could do all the processing, but would other people be able to see it in real time? I think this is interesting, but a long way off yet. Maybe they could make some limited use, non-modifiable areas in Sl. 3-D facebook chatrooms.

I'm sure Linden Lab would love to turn SL into something that could be thrown onto facebook, like the farm game. If they could just convince people to stop creating. That kind of feels like what they are trying to do with the new viewer. So when all of us prim-slingers are gone, they can scrap most of the servers and have their 3-D chatroom dreams come true. Funny how I turned this into something sad. Oh well, change is constant and we can't change that. Guess I'll go cry now :)

Maria Korolov

I recently tried out Gojigo -- which I believe uses a Unity front end and an OpenSim back end -- and it runs great. Feels exactly like running Second Life or OpenSim in a standard downloadable viewer, except its running in a Web browser.

I.e. -- about the same lag and other issues. :-)

- Maria


I hope so. I'm just pessimistic today.

Keystone Bouchard

@Maria That sounds very interesting! Do you have a url for Gojigo?


What part of "without plugin" are you excited about? "Native Client" is a technology for running native code from a web browser. You still need to download and install Unity's engine to run a Unity-based game. It would probably be easier to port Second Life to Native Client than recreating Second Life in Unity.

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