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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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Nexii Malthus

Wow! Awesome, definitely would want to watch this one. I'm not much of a movie buff either (haven't even watched Avatar for example xD). But this seems very different, has caught my eye.

Skate Foss

Looks really beautiful. Since it will be shown at Cannes, it's sure a release and a DVD, would love to see this. The trailer is great.

JoJa Dhara

O well ..why not a sl / Rl premiere party? in Amsterdam?

The people of this Film know the connections!! ;)

Paula Anguita (Mallory destiny)

I have seen the movie and it is really very great. The referral to Wong Kar Wai I can surely agree with. The influence of Asian cinema in the best tradition makes it a film for connoisseurs.

The film really shows in a convincing way the huge difference between violent games like World of Warcraft (which is not named in the film, but it's obvious) and the peaceful virtual reality of Second Life, where people can be themselves. For this reason it could help Second Life to gain a wider audience and perhaps more residents even.

The film will have it's release in 6 theaters in the Netherlands on June 17. But this number might increase, depending on the success in Cannes.

Molly Montale

English press kit: http://www.festival-cannes.com/assets/Image/Direct/032881.pdf

page at festival site: http://www.festival-cannes.com/en/archives/ficheFilm/id/11020032/year/2010.html

Cannes tips

Thanks, I've just added it to my watchlist. I see there's a French movie about a chatroom coming out, plus "Protag" (s&m thriller).

Ann Otoole

Finally a good film not made by parasite journalists trying to get paid for putting down something they know nothing about.

This is a good sign.

Pooky Amsterdam

What a great looking, and feeling film this will be. Just so excited about Second Life being portrayed as beautiful and sentient.

Tilly Ayres

anything that holds the possibility of forewarning those interested in second life has gotta be worthwhile... the rules are :-
first life First & secondlife Second
this place can screw around with you soo bad, to loose someone you dont even know in sl can destroy you in the real world... it can make you physically ill.
not all online games should be treated as "Games"


This is a movie I would definitely see. Impressions of the preview:

1. The first thing that hit me was how very sad the avatars and SL landscape looked in comparison with the other games shown in the film. We see these rather detailed fighting scenes... only to switch to SL and bleached-out avatars and landscapes. Not the best presentation of either... but unfortunately all too common on the SL platform.

2. "I go to Second Life to relax"? LOL, SL is the primary source of my stress these days. From bait-and-switch sim pricing to years-long critical bugs, asset server issues / inventory loss, severe stop-dead lag, release of an extremely buggy viewer to the general populace, and doing no telling what to XstreetSL (it doesn't look promising)-- SL is these days the last place I go to "relax". These days... I turn to RL to get away from SL. ;D

Nevertheless, it looks like an interesting movie and one that I would likely go to see-- SL or no SL. It will be very interesting to see how they integrate the Second Life environment into the movie. I surely agree that virtual worlds such as SL can have more than casual impact on real life entities.


Virtual Courtship:
When two people meet and date in a virtual world online with the intent of being together in real life. People who participate in Virtual Courtships are not initially bound by looks, age, location, and sometimes gender, thus providing a much greater real life dating pool. Virtual Courtships bypass flawed algorithms on static profile-based dating sites, allowing for real time, constant interaction.

I've been writing about this for eons.

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