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Saturday, May 01, 2010


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Philip Linden? Do you mean Philip Rosedale?

Ann Otoole

So is Phillip going to close Second Life in order to cure the poor SL addicts?

Marianne McCann

It was interesting, but suffered in the same way a lot of mixed-reality events do. While the people there could see us inworld, we could not see anyone at the first life event. Further, little attempt was made to really provide a presence at the inrowld event, with the majority of the speakers (incluing Cyn, Phillp, and Hamlet) speaking through another person's avatar.

Overall, I'd say the Second Life end of the mix was, unfortunately, more window dressing than given the same consideration as the first life crowd.

Hamlet Au

Well, the SF audience enjoyed reading the SL audience's chat feed, they spent a lot of time cracking up at it. It was projected on the screen behind us, so I had no idea WTF.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

If we were window dressing, I didn't mind. The audio feed worked well, and while we goofed off, we raised some important Qs.

Hamlet, you have been at this longer than nearly all of your readers. How would you define addiction to / in SL?

Hamlet Au

Well, like I said at the panel, "I guess it all comes back to Aristotle, 'Everything in moderation.'" If someone's using SL in a way that's negatively impacts the totality of their life, it's probably a good idea to find some more balance.

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