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Monday, June 07, 2010


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brinda allen

Absolutely. This typist recedes into an almost disembodied pair of hands when I log on to Secondlife... brinda Allen is "real", and she's not 68.
That identification didn't take but a few hours three years ago.

Pussycat Catnap

Anyone who's played a video game and flinched when their character got squished by a mushroom or did a 300 foot jump could have saved these researchers a lot of time.

Heck, anyone who's ever watched a movie and had their heart race as the hero or heroine goes through some struggle could have said the same.

Nothing new in this news.

Adeon Writer

I think the only reason he felt threatened is after seeing the girl stroked and feeling a real girl do the same, when he saw the girl get slapped he assumed he was about to get slapped irl as well. ;)

Bob L

Who would have thought men were capable of empathy?


This seems to be the same experiment over and over. A more benign one was about a group of children who saw avatars of themselves swimming with whales. It was so realistic, they actually believed they swam with whales.

This experiment hides a nasty fact about many men who play female avatars. They use them for exploitation. It was how Barbie got started before Mattel turned it into a child's toy. The original Barbie was a barely dressed fetish doll that hung on car dashboards. I don't think there was any empathy there.

And there isn't too much in this experiment either. Considering they used a standard male fantasy motif.

Bob L

" It was how Barbie got started before Mattel turned it into a child's toy. The original Barbie was a barely dressed fetish doll that hung on car dashboards. I don't think there was any empathy there."

Nice try. My girlfriend's father designed barbie for Mattel. Can you possibly be more full of shit?


Bob L,

This was the story given in a documentary I saw about Mattel. They even showed pictures of the dolls. It was based on a German comic character and marketed as something racy. The founder of Mattel purchased the doll and used it as a jumping off point for the American Barbie.

So why are YOU FULL OF SHIT?

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