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Monday, June 21, 2010


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Jeroentje Jansma

.. just went there and a live DJ was spinning! Great place, have been there some time ago, and it was great to see and explore it again. To bad it has to go.. but hey.. maybe we will all meet again in the OSgrid ;)

Adeon Writer

It will be missed! I don't think I can summon up the power to leave my inventory and avatar behind to go to a new grid. :(

Nat Merit

To previous commenters, they're not actually on OSGrid, they're on the Rezzable Grid, which is not linked to OSGrid.

Karen Palen

In case anyone is in doubt, COMPLETE instructions and registration are available on their website!


Ann Otoole

Will rezzable ever finish "leaving Second Life"? Or will they find more ways to use SL and it's blogs for advertising their commercial operation?


I miss Greenies in SL! *sob*

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