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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


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Crap Mariner

Hrm... let's see... you could

1) Use a handheld device and click and connect and you've got the meeting running over your phone's camera and microphone and screen


2) Waste hours and days loading software, dorking with settings, fighting with drivers, suffering sporadic service failures, dealing with sudden drops, etc.

For quick one-on-one discussions, this is a no-brainer.



I really think looking to Second Life for ways to do real world tasks is becoming REALLY pointless and boring.

Oliver Massenberg

Would be interesting to see if Apple can succeed where everyone else have failed. Video phone was the huge next thing in Sweden some years ago, as 3G arrived, with heavy advertising and all, but... turned out (again) that while people love to talk to each other, they feel uncomfortable being filmed. While the phones sold good, very few used the feature after the first exciting days. Hell even I have two cameras on my ten year old phone.

I'm not trying to be negative, far from it. Maybe the time has finally come for video phone, but I wouldn't be too certain if I was Mr Jobs. Some changes take more time than we expect. Good luck though!

Suzanne Aurilio

Ease of use and mobility seem to be important.


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