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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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nyoko salome

awesome!! :) thanks for the research ophelia... i would like to add that the emerald beta now also has tattoo and alpha layers available. check the sl forum for the proper dl linkies at:


Ricco Saenz

I haven't tried that on tattoo layers yet, but the blending effect can be more or less reproduced on other layers by means of a semi-transparent texture. If one uploads, let's say, a 50% transparent texture, it will work - at least on any other layer, so why not on the tattoo ones also? - as if you had a layer on PS or on The Gimp set to "normal" blend mode and 50% transparency. The only limitation is that one cannot control the blending mode, it will always work as "normal" (on PS or on The Gimp, you have other options, like "overlay", "multiply", etc.)

CronoCloud Creeggan

The new layers (and makeup that uses them) is one of the two reasons I'm using 2.0, which I loathe because of the UI. Also, SL has supported PNG for ages, though surprisingly some people don't know it does. LL never properly announced the PNG support.

Arcadia Codesmith

Are the new layers visible in the standard client? I had an interesting discussion the other day with somebody who insisted that there was a haloing effect occuring with certain of my prims, when there wasn't anything of the sort. Turns out she was using v2.

Henri Beauchamp

The Cool VL Viewer also fully supports Tattoo and Alpha wearables, and got the good old v1 UI. In fact, it was the first third parties viewer to implement this feature (I am the one who wrote the backport patch).

Grab it here: http://sldev.free.fr/

Iris Ophelia

Transparent textures do work Ricco, but they can still wash out details slightly depending on how and where yu use them, so they aren't quite a perfect solution in my opinion. A good compromise in most cases though!

Arcadia, I think technically they should be visible to other clients, because of the way that SL bakes all your layers into one texture for head, torso, and legs which others who see you load. rather than having them load all the individual layers. So, theoretically yes.

And good news! SL viewer 2.1 now supports "multiwearables" too, so you can wear up to 5 different layers of any clothing types, INCLUDING tattoos! Colour me delighted!

Just Browsing

CronoCloud Creeggan is correct, I've been uploading .png's with SL since 2007 - so nothing new there.

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