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Sunday, June 27, 2010


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Frans Charming


Little Lost Linden

Just wondering how this coming week can be any more of a roller coaster than the past few weeks around the lab. Collada taking off could do it. Who knows. Crazy SL times.

Little Lost Linden

Delinda Dyrssen

Yep..and Not over yet..as Chestnut posted in her weekly events w still have the 3rd year anniversary show of Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe
" Guests for the Anniversary Celebration Show on Sunday June 27th at 6pm will include some of the original guests from June 2007. Music will be performed by Astrin Few who is a guitarist/vocalist performing in SL since April, 2004. Astrin is the Founder of Live Music Enthusiasts and Jazz Enthusiasts. Also appearing will be Troy McLuhan, Director of the Science Center Group and Wiz Nordberg, CEO Treet TV. This promises to be a wonderful show full of memories about the past and a fresh look to the future of Second Life Television. The studio will be packed so get there early in your low lag best to be sure you can get a seat."


For reals.
I hope it gets busier and busier. Second Life has been dreary for too long!

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