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Friday, July 30, 2010


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Scylla Rhiadra

Oh, how wonderful. "Abuse Chic" strikes again . . . this time for men. Gosh, how tough, how "manly" they look, with the crap beaten out of them. What a radically chic fashion statement: violence is soooo glamorous, isn't it?

According to the fashion spread,

"You are not your Xstreet account.
You are not the clothes you wear.
You are not the contents of your inventory.
You are not your fucking ozimal bunnies."

And yet, here we have an item-by-item account of where all of these wonderful accessories and garments were purchased -- just in case you wanted to shop for them on Xstreet, add them to your inventory, and become the clothes and skins you wear. I guess irony really is dead.

The movie "Fight Club" had a great deal to say, about masculinity, about the human psyche and about identity, to name but a few themes. It is a highly problematic, but always intelligent movie.

This fashion spread, however, says little about anything beyond our culture's infatuation with violence, our outdated notions of masculinity and machismo, and our ability to aestheticize and commercialize anything, no matter how horrific.

Vesper Kling

agree with Scylla, anyhoo, this is by far the best fashion blog in Second life. I enjoy every word and pic of it. Genious :)

Nightbird Glineux

Scylla, I take it then you'll pass on "Jane Austen's Fight Club"?


Scylla Rhiadra

Pass on it? I'm a member ...!

(oops. Forgot the first rule!)

Hamlet Au

Some comments deleted for incivility. First rule of Second Life Fight Club, you do not be a damn dick when you talk about Second Life Fight Club.

ColeMarie Soleil

I wouldn't say that fashion is actually "Abuse Chic" by the way. I think that's a matter of opinion. Maybe they just kept bashing their heads against the wall in frustration from the texture lag waiting to take photos. You never know.

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