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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


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Val Kendal

Been a while since you did one of these Hamlet - very interesting! Actually not as many sex-related places as one might have predicted. Clearly the Italian and Portuguese-speakers are congregating, but hey, we girls cracked the top ten ;-) Can you comment on how this list compares with the past, when you ran these?

Hitomi Tiponi

Very interesting Hamlet - please repeat regularly. Only know escort oasis off that list so will have to see why the others are popular, if the lag doesn't get me!

Little Lost Linden

Parts of Lendas Urbanas is filled bots.

I was there not too long ago and saw over 20 of them and did a small article about it:


Only about 13 or so today however, I would guess they move them around a bit in the 3 adjoining sims:


Little Lost Linden

My spelling and sentence structure is horrible lately. Is there anyway to edit posts here? If not I have to be more careful. Anyway, those bots have good AO's in case anyone wonders.

Little Lost Linden

Having second thoughts about that Lendas Urbanas location. It's really weird. I've staked it out for a bit but I can't be certain if the room is a bot room or just a room where people go when they get killed in a DCS game or something and just stand around for hours with with no local chat or something. It's very strange. Could be a false positive so I'm pulling the article for that one. :(

Hamlet Au

LLL, what's the landowner's name? Did you ask him or her if they have bots?

Little Lost Linden

Owner of land is Gaston Nouvelle. I didn't ask if bots were used.

I did notice many avatars just standing with no local chat, but some moved on occasion. Others remeained stationary for many hours on end. Could just have been afk avi's. If you want, you can check the location out. You'll need to start flying up right away:


I noticed avi's of Thor Torii, Demetrius Septimus, Armote Xenno, Tryscall, Kaoz SecretSpy, XanDe McAuley, and a couple others that were stationary for many hours on end (4 or 5 hours no movement), but could have just been away avi's I guess, so I pulled the article just in case.

Hamlet Au

Well, I asked him and will report what he says. For your own bot investigations, that's really what I recommend: just ask the landowner directly, and then publish on record what they say. That way, if they fudge the facts, people can call them on it.


Sweethearts is known for being wall-to-wall bots. The tp landing point keeps spitting them out and they just stand there until shoved aside by another bot arriving. Eventually the older ones time out and are logged out. I wondered, first visit, why so many were just standing there, not moving, not talking, and allowing themselves to be constantly shoved.

Little Lost Linden

I have asked in the past different sim owners, even e-mailed some owners in the past but many times don't receive responses back. I may ask again going forward.

For what its worth, that location:


I went there again and the same avi's have been parked for over 16 hours, standing in the exact same place, no local chat, etc. I think they almost have to be bots or something but I didn't ask yet. Curious what they told you though.

I also noticed that before I could just tp right to the location, and now the tp takes you to the ground and you have to fly up. But many of the same avi's were there for so long now in the same exact place without movement and no chat. It's kinda strange. Could go either way as to whether or not they are bots or not.

Hiri Nurmi

Gor-Jus events is the Gor Hub, which is a central gathering place for Gor related activity on the Grid, famously with a maintained link to all of the 250 -odd Gorean role-playing sims.

And yet, if you go to the Lindens picks and look at the role-playing category there's 20 sims there with not a single Gorean sim mentioned. They even include really obscure RP destinations that no-one hardly goes to, and yet *the* biggest RP community in SL, by an order of magnitude, is ignored.

Wonder why that is?

Buckaroo Mu

Hiri, it's because all LL-posted content must be PG. It's not that big a concept to get your head around.

Hiri Nurmi

@Buckaroo. Simply Not True. First one from the top of the Role Playing list - City of Lost Angels - is Moderate. So is the second (Bloodlines) and the third (Roma) and the fourth (Bloody Village). You get the pattern.

The Gor Hub is also mature. As are 90% of all the Gorean sims - only a minority are adult. Picking at random - Semeris for instance (not even a particularly well known location), is Moderate and has traffic of 12,000 which is more than two of those four.

I'd say the real reason is that Gor is *par excellence* an example of LL being embarrassed by their users.

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