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Saturday, July 24, 2010


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Ann Otoole InSL

Wow never thought I would see the day Hamlet Au begins promoting people leave Second Life.

Hitomi Tiponi

Thanks for the tip-off - will try and get there to see it before it, sadly, goes.

soror nishi

All welcome, there isn't anything else like it.

Ziki Questi

Thanks, Hamlet, for replying so quickly and covering this!

For readers who have never visited Soror Nishi's beach, please do—there really isn't anything else like it in SL. When you arrive, set your draw distance up, and fly up, because lots of the build is a few hundred meters up in the air.

Almost everything you see is for sale—it's not only a cool build but also a store. (I think I've spent about L$10k there today!)

Little Lost Linden

This is crazy. I just commented on how Linden Lab needs to lower land costs this year and within a few hours, another very nice piece of land is up on the chopping block due to the costs of maintaining it.

Suggestions for Linden Lab:

Second Life Land - 50% off sale!

comoro Infinity


Breen Whitman

Wow, this looks very impressive, can hardly wait to visit it in inWorldz.

@Ann Otoole "Wow never thought I would see the day Hamlet Au begins promoting people leave Second Life"

I have just purchased a new copy of Hamlets book on Amazon. I will also look forward to the new edition, which will be title something like "From SecondLife to the Global Open Grid - The new face of Virtual Worlds".


Just wanna say we really enjoyed the show at sister Soror's place today. Thanks for inviting us over.

little lost linda

I went but it was so laggy from the massive sculpt collection nothing would render. Imagine will be worse in Inworldz.

soror nishi

@little lost linda....two things....one....they all rezz with time if your graphics card isnt too small, and two...InWorldz has a "one sin, one server' set up...so you can rezz 45,000 prims on a sim and it doesnt lag like SL does.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

"one sin, one server"

Soror, if I can pick my sin, I'll be right over :)

Good luck at InWorldz. I've created an avatar there and plan to do a review for Prim Perfect in a few months. Hope to find you lag-free and happy there!

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