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Monday, July 05, 2010


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ColeMarie Soleil

You just reminded me I need to check up on my monsters XD

Little Lost Linden

Trying to imagine what SL would look like on Facebook. It seems it would be a little less immersive though. :)


2nd place? omg, u still have time for that?

jeremy liew

Paul and Dave have come a long way since they first started casual collective. I'm really proud of what the Casual Collective team has done with Backyard Monsters - it has lifted the quality bar for Facebook games

Hamlet Au

Heya Jeremy! Jeremy's being too modest to say, but he's the VC who invested in Paul and Dave's company, so he deserves way more credit for getting this game going than me.


how do you fight other people that is what i really need to know

Hamlet Au

You gotta build a map room first and then click the Map button and Attack.


I love BYM, but I also love Farragomate (original version) Oh how I wish they'd get the farragomate server back online, its been down 2 weeks now. Its at www.farragomate.com, when its working.

Rv Tan

like my yard

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