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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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Delinda Dyrssen

This is going to be tuff! Can I make a mental list of who I think are the most underrated rather than who my favorites are because otherwise I dont think your poll will be big enough.. I have lots of favorites!

Little Lost Linden

My favorite musician in Second Life is Michael Jackson. It was only recently discovered by myself that Michael managed to transfer his mind into Second Life on his very last RL day, just like in the movie The Lawnmower Man, by Stephen King.

It happens many times that science-fiction becomes science fact. So my vote is for Michael Jackson. Best Second Life Musician.

Sioban McMahon

In no particular order:

Tone Uriza
Jean Munro
Kiaranne Flanagan
DannyQuinn Irelund
Duncan Bagley
Newbawn Easterwood

In addition to their considerable talent, all are genuinely good people.

Crap Mariner

Far too many to list.

Although, now that I think of it, they're already in a list in a way. (Tunes inSL)


brinda allen

The Born Again Pagans


What Crap said, now with easy linky goodness

Paisley Beebe

Popularity contests can be cruel. One artist good at getting all his freinds relatives ect voting wins. Other musicians who may be very popular in sl but don't hype it up fall down the list. It will only proove who is better at crowd sourcing not who is truely popular. Any good A&R person would see that. How bout just checking the crowd in SL hamlet? Surely that's a far more honest way to judge this. If it's important anyway. Especially as some of the most talented skilled musicians in second life are not necessarily the most popular, as in real life.

Hamlet Au

Yes, I'll be working with some expert(s) to review the list so it's not entirely a popularity contest and some less well known but excellent artists don't fall through the corrects. As much as possible at least.

Paisley Beebe

oh and not to rain too much on your parade...the most popular artists in SL right now, are mostly cover artists, which is fine for Jazz actually but doesn't translate into RL popularity. And this comes from one that is a cover artist...note: the most popular Jazz Artist in the world today is a Woman and is a cover Artist. Diana Krall. But please point me to a cover artist on the same level in Pop...those days are gone. One of the things that people love in SL is to hear their favourtie tunes played by a great musician, and some of them in SL do this incrdibly well, with Max Kleene and Skye Gallaxy both masters of it. Personally I'd love to see some of the SL musicians who are not so popular getting the big break, and I won't name names, why aren't some of them more popular? umm well thats a long story I don't have time to go into her on your blog post, see me after class. Paisley

Mallory Destiny

What is that survey you posted here about companies image on .. whatever..; why here?

Never mind, just so glad that Philip Rosedale came back to LL and setting a new and healthy course! (I hope so!)

Already see people coming back who had turned their back on SL before...
Hope that Second Life wil live, jump, celebrate, dance, show and bounce again!!!

And yes.. we need music too!


My favorites are many
Blues Heron,
OhMY Kidd,
Rosedrop Rust,
Craiglyons Writer,
Mankind Tracer,
Lexi Luan,
Zorch Boomhauer,
Ganjo Mokeev and oh sooo many more. I LOVE the music scene in SL. It's why I'm still there.

David Cartier

Without having to even think, Joaquin Gustav is my favourite SL musician.

Pat Wunderland

Nice idea and I like it, but experience tells me your method for selection is flawed. There will be a handful of entertainers that have large groups that will use those groups to manipulate your results.

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