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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Little Lost Linden

This is so weird. I'm chalking it up as another synchronicity. Just last night I was thinking about how fun it was when SL was on TV during the whole CSI buzz time.

The island wasn't that great but it sure brought in the newbies back then and SL needs another buzz hype to bring in more newbies.

Besides, I miss Venus...

Dani Durant

While I agree that Oprah is a a huge icon in our TV life, I'm afraid that this kind of film, once again, shows the down side of SL. Not everyone comes to SL to leave their RL. Perhaps, soon, we should be saying what is RL and what is SL; for some, SL is Rl. Its where they want to be. It's all Life. Whether you incorporated parts of it or not. I'm just tired of films depicting SL as where people arent themselves; most of us are who we are. Not all of us leave our homes. Sl is somewhere to be ourselves, end of. I know many people who just come in to have a laugh, and I am tired of all the world, treating Second Life like its some sleazy place. Twitter and FB have that cornered; I'm sure there is more going on there.


Have there been any updates to this story?
Where are these people now?

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