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Friday, July 23, 2010


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Delinda Dyrssen

Hamlet do you wear an AO? Because I have seen you in some clips walking around with "stick up the butt-no AO syndrome" :-)

Hamlet Au

Yeah, I still have the ass-out defaults up in there. Winter gave me an AO set but I lost it in my inventory.

Nalates Urriah

Lots... plus every so often I go looking for better stands. Walk and run are important. Classy stands and sits are difficult to find.

Rowan Derryth

This is a great question! Funnily enough, I think my AO is the one in that picture, which I picked 'when I was young' because it was called 'Confident Girl'. I liked that it wasn't wispy, blatantly sexual 'look at me, look at me', and had a bit of attitude to it. I've often wondered if I would change it some day, but for now, it is very much part of 'who I am'. I hate turning it off.

It's body image, isn't it? We could also ask why so many female bodies are waifish, dangerously thin. It really would make a good feminist study - or gender study in general, thinking of some of the beefed up guys I've seen.

Aleena Yoshiro

My avatar override is as important, if not more so, than my outfit. Especially given Second Life's limitations, body language defines how other people perceive me.

I built my AO from scratch, looking for the animations that I felt best represented the mood I was trying to convey. Recently, I've been looking for motion-captured animations -- they add weight to my movements that hadn't been evident or possible with floaty hand-created animations.

There just doesn't seem to be enough selection or variety. I can find a large selection of oversexualized 'walks', few of which reflect how normal people walk. I have yet to find a single shrug-my-shoulders animation. Archery bows in Second Life still by and large use the Camp Linden animations from 2003.

I think the difficulty of getting animations into second life in the first place is what causes many people, even professionals, to give up. If the importation process were simplified and streamlined, then the situation might be quite different.

Nine Warrhol

Only one AO? Seriously? I use several different ones with my girl alt, depending on what she is wearing. I'm very picky about it in fact.

I will spend good L on a nicely made AO too. The only AO I really hate is the one with the bending over thing and sticking the butt out. I really don't like that one..at ALL. lol

The big thing now is MoCap and all that fidgety fidget stuff. LAP has an AO that is fairly static and it is one of the best AOs I have seen for a girl av, bar none. (Its for 30 days and under folks)

I agree with the statement that the AO does send a message about your av. It gives it personality: you have to choose which one it sends.


Animations are my one big weakness when it comes to SL shopping. I can spend hours trying out animations and adjusting my AO.

I, personally, feel extremely uncomfortable seeing my AV doing a model catwalk strut, so a lot of the time I pick out a more casual men's AO so I can walk with my hands stuffed in my pockets. :3

I even made a completely different AO for when I'm sick - I slouch when I sit and hunch over like a zombie when I stand, cough, sneeze, and wipe my nose!

The way you build your AO is definitely on par with clothes, skin, hair, and accessories in terms of showing your AV's personality.

Adeon Writer

Being a guy in SL I fully agree with these stereotypes. Sadly, I've seen a few specific ones so often that I can tell exactly what pose a girl avie I've never seen before is about to go into.

Adeon Writer

Although I'd be curious how what the stereotypes would be for the men. Go out and find a male AO that is not meant to be: A pimp, a formal businessman, a young boy, or a ninja.

EnCore Mayne

up until Oracul (not to be found using the viewer's new Search!) came to the market with their extra ordinarily AFFORDABLE animations i stood around looking like the dork the system animations provided all us commoners. i put together an AO using Francis Chung's freebie script with a single sexy walk and a fly animation i made with Qavimator. of course, i wanted to be just like all the other "users/consumers" with their Porsche branded AOs but i resisted filling up my AO with exhorbitantly priced no copy samples. glad i waited till the Japanese invasion brought sane prices to what really is a must have.

Ann Otoole InSL

Depends on if they are high quality mocap or not. If you want to stand still and imitate rigor mortis I can make you a free pose attachment to wear and you won't need a fancy AO.


Who made some person the judge and jury over SL. If you don't like what you see then you know where the cancel account link is and you need to go use it because intolerance is a violation of the first community standards rules.

SL, as a community, needs to marginalize the people that are trying to turn SL into a old lady knitting circle. If I want Old Life I'll go play bingo.

Jura Shepherd

"How much thought did you put into the animation override you chose?"-H

Not much actually. Not all at once anyway. Mine is a bit of a mish-mash because I use a huddles for AO. Over my time in SL I've seen individual animations that I liked and just plugged them in.

If I understand her correctly, I think I'm with Ann in that I recoil at any hint of finger-wagging at other people's choices in avatar image. People already have enough social obligation baggage in RL as it is.

Annechen Lowey

The mention of the action/sci-fi/steampunk AO's being a little more thought out could be accurate, considering you can take out crowds with a bustle and the default sexy_walk.
My AO will likely never be finished, as I have been tweaking it ever since I learned how to modify them six months after rezzing. I currently have three major AO sets, business, formal, and casual, but there are three times as many in my inventory to cover costuming or other situations.
I honestly think half the female avatars out there do not give any thought to the message they are sending with their AO choice, but considering the rags they call "clothes" to wear in public areas, maybe they do not care that their stands are telling the world they are tramps.

brinda allen

Recently I received a couple of great comments at an infohub.
While I do use the Oracul AO part time...I was using a modest Vista and wearing a shoe length Sari when two guys said it was quite refreshing to see someone that didn't look like a streetwalker.
{BTW, did that a long time ago, lol. Just trying to act my age now}

Mae Tabak

For me, I've had to build up my AO with individual animations from all over the grid. One of the biggest problems I run into is the animations not working with my body shape. As a chubbier AV, the majority of animations result in kidney massaging, rib grabbing, limb disappearing frustration.
So what do I look for and want?
1st- my arms and hands not disappearing into my body
2nd- animations that aren't too fidgety or aren't too static, and don't include presentation animations

So far, the 1st criteria is difficult enough to fill that I don't get to worry about the 2nd one way or the other.


I'm one of SL's child avatars, so I'm hyper-careful about my AO, nothing even vaguely suggestive in it. I really think my AO's about as personality- and gender- and age-neutral as it gets, and I like it that way, frankly. I do agree that, for men and women both, but most especially with women, the AO used really reflects the person's use of their avatars, where people who RP 100% use different AOs than those who club or do whatever else all the time.

Breen Whitman

"The girl with this AO seems to be saying “I’m so helpless.”

There are two types of Male. One has a job as a curtain fabric designer. And likes dominant females(a replacement for their mother?), and hence would not like the AO above.

Then there are all other males, who are attracted to things that evolution has instilled in them. One of them is a female with a slight sense of vulnerability, yet without a persistent neediness. Can be independent in their own right.

However, maybe my opinion differs from all other normal guys.

Nine Warrhol


You , quite frankly , are full of shyte..lol Love how you broadly paint there with your ideas. Wow. You should carry a shovel, sir.

Hitomi Tiponi

I am always agonising over my AO - but the one I use most is one with a mix of sets I found - designed to be both cute and confident, without too much movement (some of them make it look like you need the loo). I have another cuter one for when I want to be more flirty - and recently added a turn on one leg movement as it looked so good.

I will never be 100% happy with them - but then who is ever 100% happy with the way they look!

Fogwoman Gray

I was fortunate to find an AO from Kamilah Hauptmann called the "Complete Lady" which I use all the time and recommend. She has added to it, has a ballgown notecard for those BIG gowns, has a rather fun over the top notecard that rather satirizes the "sexy walk" AOs, and the one I use normally which is a businesslike notecard. The walk does not waggle, the stand is not silly poses, and the sit does not do anything "cute". I am in search of chair poseballs that have the same sort of "non-cute" animations - it seems like they all either have insultingly bored poses or silly slouchy ones that sometimes seem to invite a gynecological exam from bystanders.
Kamilah also has a "Gentleman Jim" AO that includes a cane and a hat functionality!

brinda allen

@ Nine Warrhol
Quoted above:


"You , quite frankly , are full of shyte..lol Love how you broadly paint there with your ideas. Wow. You should carry a shovel, sir."

Well said Nine!

Vaneeesa Blaylock

Nice, a post in which every style of AO described makes the woman some kind of loser.

Thanks a lot.

No misogyny in this blog.

Vesper Kling

Well i agree, female ao is to exaggerated. Over sexual and too flirtatious. And male ao is also often exaggerated. But mix them and you have winner!

I always do my ao from an empty ao and fills it myself with animations. Its the only way to get what i want.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Thanks Dean Gray, I had forgotten about the Vicereines AO's, and I could use some BIG Ballgown friendly animations if she sells them separately.

My AO consists of a bunch of separate animations from Torridwear, Pixeldolls and Maitreya in a HUDDLES device. I should probably add the ones from the Luth Brodie "dress and purse" AO in it.

Arcadia Codesmith

I hate configuring AOs. If we had more flexibilty in scripting, particularly in I/O, we could have a friendly user interface that would make it relatively painless to preview, choose and preset animation sets without manually editing notecards (a clumsy kludge). Then we might see fewer pose sets that are mostly okay, except when your avi decides it's time to do stretching exercises in the middle of a store.

Laila Lorakeet

I use the Dangerous Girl AO from Vista Animations. Its fully mocap, and is feminine enough so Im not standing like a man, but with a bit of a tough girl no nonsense edge. I like the way it moves continuously - you might say its attention seeking, the way I see it is its more natural. Life is always moving, even when standing still. The AO cycles through walks as well, adding a natural variety that a lot of AOs lack.
I'm a bit of a geek and Im impressed by good quality animations B)

I get what you're saying about the AOs many people choose though - Second Life is a fantasy - and unfortunately in today's celebrity obsessed society that fantasy seems to be the 'perfect sexy woman'. We are bombarded with images of beautiful, often airbrushed and surgically enhanced images of women every day in the media. And within the world of Second Life, perfection is something that is much more affordable and easily attained than in the real world :)
That said, many of the women in SL are actually men living out sexual fantasies - which is probably more often than not the reason for the overtly sexual AOs!

Karen Spencer

I found this post quite interesting and enjoyed a lot of the comments. As I'm using freebie stuff, my AO will likely never be the best one out there...
Does this mean I should quit SL? I have tried to make my AO good... Why is there so much competition to be the best in the grid?

my 2 cents :)
take care

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