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Thursday, July 01, 2010


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Sidney Smalls

Careful how you phrase that. Two-thirds of sellers have less than 5 customers per month, but the average number of customers per seller is 17. It's the difference between median and mean. (And actually the median number of paying customers is 2).

It just means they're counting anyone who sold anything, and there are a bazillion people out there that sell very little.

Ann Otoole

Comments seem to be borking up today. I'll try again. Thanks for the story Hamlet. And thanks to the researchers. Interesting read.

archie lukas

The obvious thing missed in the guide is to produce a product that no-one else has or something in a niche market that is better than everyone elses.

Xcite for a while had a unique quality - but people got fed up with the high price and spam it generates in use, I never see it in use anymore.

The other factor is great customer service, I need help years ago with Xcite and have never encountered such rude and offensive staff
(a designer too).
Its not a lot different from RL in the basic commerce rules.

So guess where I send my noobs?
Correct - not there.


My opinion of UofM just went down. It's my local university. I've glance over the study and it looks like some1 with half a brain and alot of irrelevants stats. A study hardly worth even a look, but as NWO has decided to post it, I will review it fully. Looks like total BS. I work fulltime in SL and not 1 of those bullet points are part of my business practices in SL.

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