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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Slightly off-tack but I think you should see this...

What if your avatar wasn't a representation of yourself but was an invented friend or family member that you interacted with in their virtual space?


Is this where we should be going and is this the breakthrough mainstream adoption would need?

nexus burbclave

@Jovin, So avatar as anthropomorphized Clippy? I suppose I could see SOME value in that for SOME people, but forgive me if I'm skeptical that this is the virtual revolution.

nexus burbclave

Digging a little deeper I could see how Milo might be interesting from an AI perspective, however I'm still not sure how this adds any value to virtual worlds, or brings us closer to mass adoption.

Nat Merit

@Nexus Look at it a different way, if Milo can read your body language, mood, facial expression etc, so could a client animating your avatar in a virtual world. That has huge implications for avatar to avatar interaction in virtual worlds and could remove the barrier mainstream audiences have when interacting with avatars that don't feel like real people.

Emerald Wynn

Oh no - I missed this somehow last month - WOO HOO! It's my kraken!!!

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