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Monday, August 30, 2010


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Honestly, I think it does not matter what they do to regain trust. Most people are sick of the shady dealings and don't think the griefer types are cool anymore. And yes, there should be accountability, but for all of the developers of all viewers.

On the other hand, there will always be people who like the features of emerald. The right to privacy is not so important to them, because they don't respect other peoples privacy either. It's why the true online status and camming abilities of emerald are so popular.

I feel it's time to abandon emerald and let others have the code.

Corcosman Voom

From the Group Chat I've seen in a couple of groups, most of the users don't know/care about any of the coding details that might be suspect.

Robustus Hax

You can also check out former Emerald dev LordGregGreg Back's version here.


Viorel Daviau

Ironically, the groups I'm a member of do.

James, for the love of everything holy, PLEASE stop reporting on anything that includes Arabella's voice.

I do understand that at the moment it makes great news (that is, the crap that spews from her soup cooler), but I think if I see another video/audio that has her voice, I'm going to start randomly punching babies at Wal-Mart.


Still, I can't agree with you on your post. Even if they provided some 'front person' and they gave their details, the damage has already been done...not to mention their decision to maintain less-than-noble coders solely because there was no one else if they scrapped them.

Rot in hell Emerald. I can't say you asshats don't deserve it.

Wizard Gynoid

this is almost a two-hour interview, and sometimes phaylen is repetitive in her questions and the emerald devs repeat their answers, over and over again. sometimes they are a bit self-contradictory, for example at first jessica says, "we know we're on a sinking ship." later she says, "it's 50/50." jessica says they are not in it for money, that there is no profit motive. then arabella jumps in and says, "we will be doing ads [adsence?]. we will be having an income. i will be doing the books." Phaylen's response? "Fair enough." WTF? I for one am interested in knowing if they have intentions to generate income. If so, are they interested in making a profit? this is an important question and is now unclear to me. the drama continues to unfold today with more allegations by the alphaville herald that fractured hacked into the voice channel of Linden Lab meetings. this all makes for great drama and is much more interesting than watching the daily soaps.

comoro Infinity

Anything more relevant you want to discuss, Hamlet?

Scarp Godenot

Gawd, what is good enough for you people? Chill already. I listened to the whole thing and they have bent over backwards apologizing etc etc. These people love SL and Virtual Worlds and are trying to help you. Give them a tiny break here for crissake! Don't use the damned viewer if you don't want to. Just stop WHINING!

Little Lost Linden

As far as real names and accountability. That would maybe help a little, but for a comparison, look at Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook.

We know his real name, and yet he still spews things out like "Privacy is impossible in these times.", or whatever the exact quote is. Sure we know his name, but he still gets away with all that BS anyway.

The Emerald devs will get away with all their crap until someone steps forward and notifies the authorities.

Benjamin Lyric

Scarp i think it's important to have supporters as well as critcs. From both sides you can get aid in your stride to make things better then before.

Part of the history of ModSys-PR is, as far as i read a history of cover-ups and lies about the flaws they made. What's exactly the point why there is so much sceptisism about the new team. The people just don't know who to trust even in this new emerald team. And i feel they are right to do so. So that's a point, if not the most importent one, the new team has to be: Honest... honest with itself, it's users and critics.

If the new Emerald team really loves SL, they love Virtual Worlds and Emerald, they will emerge better from these times... if not, if again some sort of big flaw happens... they do not deserve to be trusted for a long time and made it so themselves.

I for my part am still watching Emerald, but i won't use it 'til its checked and crosschecked and given the tag: free of malicious or privacy-lacking content.

EnCore Mayne

Fractured Crystal IS Linus Torvalds. go figure. it's his baby ever since he made his copybot client, minus the cheating tools, "popular". the real problem in this Us and Them scenario is: is SL another internet game to hack, cheat, steal, fool, and abuse; or is it a creative platform designed to change people's notions of their human condition. i'd say our virtual transformation is coming up against another of its strongest competitors. we are under attack. open the gates to the Huns. they are us.

Viorel Daviau


I'll feed you a ton of sincere apologies for the wrong doing I've done in the past...and will certainly continue to do so in the future (but will still try and get away with it since I've been doing it for years and fools keep coming back).

Sociopath 101.

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