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Saturday, August 28, 2010


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Bradley Gazov

I'm looking forward to tonight's gig at Hotlanta Blues where I DJ 7-9. I'll get to hang out with my friends, make new acquaintances, and listen to some blues. Y'all come on over for a good time this Friday night!

Hotlanta Blues


Hopefully this weekend my small private region will be upgraded to a FULL SIM so that i can start work on experimenting with interactive story telling experiences and stuff.

It's hard for a small person to explore this kind of expensive 'hobby' so i have scraped together a group of friends to help in the project. It is still a lot of hard work on a 'HOBBY' that is crippled by stupid tier prices for europeans.

Sigh, if only i was a small business, or a millionaires son who had ooodles of money and time to spare.

A friend asked me "why do you keep bitching about LL and SL's high price and low performance, lack of good search and rubbish group chats, when you persist on staying here?"

I think it's because IM STUPID, but anyway upgrade paid for, will never see that money back. Better make the most of it, hope i do :) and hope my friends enjoy it......



Boobytropolis has a Sci Fi day all day Sunday. Thats where I am going.


I would like to find some good live music. I enjoy rock. I also wouldn't mind finding one of those SL concerts that people put on as tributes to various rock bands. I haven't been able to find any good ones lately.

Little Lost Linden

I'm looking forward to the very next massive SL drama to unfold. Sometimes those events can top regular inworld events.

Arwyn Quandry

I always look forwards to 50L Fridays and Kids 50L Fridays. They're the best days to shop.

Soundsmith Kamachi

This Saturday, August 28, our Vista Hermosa Art Center invites to "Ambient Summer", a 3 hour journey through live musical soundscapes, starting at 2 PM SLT.

The artists performing at the VHAC are:
Torben Asp (2pm)
AldoManutio Abruzzo (3pm)
Ultraviolet Alter (4pm)
The event will take place on the main stage at the VHAC (upstairs).
Looking forward to see you at the VHAC!
Best regards

Hamlet Au

SLurl, Soundsmith?

Hitomi Tiponi

@Little Lost Linden - looks like the Emerald drama has a way to run yet - they just managed to delete the voice files instead of emkdu in their latest release (easy mistake;)). So much better that any soap on the TV.

Scree Raymaker

@Little Lost Linden - Phox calls the directory listing leak in emkdu a "bug" (http://emeraldviewer.net/forum/index.php?topic=4199.0) rather than the malicious coding it actually is, and also believes LL is trying to kill Emerald. I can see a lot more drama coming with one of the developers suffering from such paranoid delusions.

Little Lost Linden

Read the forum thread. It does sound interesting. I wonder if Linden Lab will ever have the courage to completely ban the Emerald viewer. That seems like the next logical step. Have to wait and see I guess.

Guess that's what I'm looking forward to this weekend the most as far as SL events are concerned. Taking the 'wait and see approach' to Emerald drama, and hoping there is much more to come. :)


Did anyone get a chance to see the Emerald PR duo on Rezzed.tv?

Complete snow job in my opinion. I really did notice there was a moment when Jessica quickly changed "Fractured is on the team" to "was" on the team. Nitpicking perhaps, but I don't think there's been that large of a shake up in-house there.

I think Arabella needs to recuse herself from all goings on with Emerald, in a public manner. She is obviously clueless as to what is truly going on with the people who crank out Emerald. She almost immediately hands it off to Jessica who is left to do the explaining. Why is she fronting the project again??

I would like to eventually see the Emerald client banned or crippled so badly no one would use it. It would be fair to the way its users-myself included-were betrayed and used.

Little Lost Linden

You mean this one?


I couldn't bear to listen. Hearing Arabella's voice puts me in a bad mood. I want the Emerald viewer to go away for that reason alone. She seems like an evil being.

If you then add in all the privacy violations, DDoS, etc., there is more than enough reason to purge the viewer long term.


The video is posted in sections over at Youtube if you'd care to hear them. Arabella was not on that long..lol.

I really DO NOT understand her involvement with Emerald at all. I know the mechanics and understand she is paying for hosting of the new site, but honestly WHAT IS SHE DOING ON THE PROJECT??

Anyway..you can check this Youtube page , and you can hear an exchange between LordGregGreg and Jessica. I do believe there is more that LGG is perhaps not telling us-or that is the vibe I get.


Hitomi Tiponi

Arabella is the team censor and propagandist (and the one who quite happily parroted Fractured's 'prank' statement) - she admits she knows nothing about the tech. She doesn't have the right skills to be responsible for a technical project, in the real world or a virtual world. Jessica is very different - the only way for Emerald to go forward is with her and the few other decent, reputable members, and drop the baggage they are carrying. If they do that they will have my support.

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