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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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Tinsel Silvera

Very impressive! Please tell me he has plans on marketing this product once completed and this isn't just some school project to be shelved at end of term.

Adeon Writer

"For every 0x5f375a86 we learn about, there are thousands we never see." -Randall Munroe

Adeon Writer

To add, this is absolutely amazing. I agree with Tinsel, I hope this gets some attention and doesn't fall into obscurity, it has a distinct SnowCrash feel to it. Hopefully someone can get someone from the lab to see this video.

Tateru Nino

Seems really awkward for anything long. I imagine you'd not be online as long that way.

Arcadia Codesmith

1) Pair with a 3D headmounted display so your avatar is not staring fixedly at the point where your RL monitor is.

2) Get some liability insurance for when the people with headmounted monitors keep tripping over the RL furniture and pets.

3) Incorporate tactile feedback (potentially an advantage of a mocap rig over a spacial sensor / cam system).

4) Market at a consumer-friendly price point, preferably under $100 but certainly less than $200.

Bonus points: hardware is compatible with multiple platforms and works in a wide variety of games/virtual worlds.

It'd be great in conjunction with an in-world mesh creation tool... vertex editing as sculpture.


Folks might also want to have a look at this presentation given at TED a few weeks ago:


The device demonstrated, Emotiv, might have a range of uses for alternative input as well. Used in conjunction with motion capture, it might be effective for executing actions that you don't want to see mimicked on your avatar such as "Fly" "Land" "Walk" "Run" "Touch/Sit/Teleport", etc.

Marcus Llewellyn

The geek in me loves this.

On the other hand, I'm absolutely horrified at the prospect of people in SL being able to see how the real me dances. :D I won't even go into what many people who visit Zindra will wind up looking like using something like this.

Featherby McMerryweather

Teledildonics, here I come.


Thanks for your comments! We haven't thought about the gaze problem, so I appreciate your ideas. I personally don't think that a head-mounted display is required for this. Moreover, there is research that shows that such displays (as well as modern 3D TVs) can cause serious vision problems (especially with young kids).

As for the fear of being forced to show your real moves... there is no reason to worry about it. I'm not going to reveal all the secrets at this stage, but there sure be a way to "hide" behind perfect moves recorded by professionals.

Arcadia Codesmith

If you're getting up from the computer desk and moving around, you need both input and output to travel with you. I can envision a gesture-based interface to interact with world menus. Voice chat is pretty much a given in this scenario, unless you've got the fine resolution for keyboard emulation... but the air typing animation is so distracting already that most of us turn it off.

But even with that I don't think it works for general usage unless you can see the screen from anywhere in the room. To me that screams for wireless video glasses... or a big screen display for every wall in the room.

Video glasses (what we used to call headmounted displays, back when we were clamping twin CRT screens to our heads) are subject to the same rules of common sense as anything else -- if you experience eyestrain, headaches, or motion sickness stop using them and go do something else for awhile. And don't let the kids use them. They're expensive and breakable.

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To include, this is completely astonishing. I concur with Tinsel, I trust this gets some consideration and doesn't fall into indefinite quality, it has an unmistakable SnowCrash feel to it. Ideally somebody can get somebody from the lab to see this video.

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The gadget illustrated, Emotiv, may have a scope of employments for elective contribution also. Utilized related to movement catch, it may be compelling for executing activities that you would prefer not to see impersonated on your symbol, for example, "Fly" "Land" "Walk" "Run" "Contact/Sit/Teleport", and so forth

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The gadget illustrated, Emotiv, may have a scope of employments for elective contribution also. Utilized related to movement catch, it may be compelling for executing activities that you would prefer not to see impersonated on your symbol, for example, "Fly" "Land" "Walk" "Run" "Contact/Sit/Teleport", and so forth

Saad Ashraf

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Thanks for your comments! We haven't thought about the gaze problem, so I appreciate your ideas. I personally don't think that a head-mounted display is required for this.

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