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Monday, August 30, 2010


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ahem - "out of this world" was originally an AMIGA game.

(sorry, couldn't resist.)

Hitomi Tiponi

Love the way the water flows around the land as you raise and lower it - maybe Second Life will get water like that one day.

Hamlet Au

Hmm, I thought it came out on PC at the same time, Qarl, but I defer and correct!

Lalo Telling

I'm assured that there will also be a version for PC, for geezers like me who don't own a console... they're just not promoting that in the trailer.


Hamlet - possibly released at the same time - but the pirated pre-release version was definitely amiga only. :)

Nexii Malthus


I can see how they kind of did that too.

The fluids stick to the surface, they never topple over. It is a cheap realtime way to do it effectively without starting to hit performance like real fluid simulators do.

But it's also very beautiful how they executed it, the colours, motion, textures..

In SL this would be harder to do, you have complex 3D geometry, but a hack may be possible. Or even if it only worked with the SL terrain it would still be a significant enhancement.

You wouldn't need to re-compute the fluids all the time either, once a stable solution is found the texture animations can be kept in a perpetual state.

Little Lost Linden

Fantastic game in deed.

Out of this World also goes by Another World and it was re-released for the PC in a higher rez with more colors. I think you can still d/l the demo:


One of the best Amiga games ever, besides Hybris.

Arcadia Codesmith

I worked as a secretary back in the early '90s, and on one particularly slow day I created an Excel app to generate random landforms using the built-in graphing functions.

I think they may have built this game just for me :)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

This has real possibilities for education...and we have consoles and giant screens on campus.

But, and I'm not being silly, higher-ed faculty will want avatars who don't look like extras from the original King Kong. Those shown in the preview would be labeled "racist" in no time flat.

Heh. I know my people well, but other than that quibble, this could be a spectacular project.

Adeon Writer

Those water physics... are amazing. Shows that you don't need fluid physics to make realistic water physics.

John "Pathfinder" Lester

Wow. That video evokes powerful feelings of being on the beach as a child, sculpting riverbeds and mountains, and excitedly watching what happens as the tide washes in.

Evocative tools are often the most powerful and successful. Looks like they've nailed it.


Drooling at teh terraforming!

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