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Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Cady Enoch

OMG, I have SO wanted to find one of those pen necklaces in SL! I was really hoping you would give us a source for these. Thanks! I LOVE me some Joan Harris! Great post overall, Iris!


well - good to know the wardrobe for a complete coverversion of the serie.
pls watch the trailer knockoff .-))

CronoCloud Creeggan

Considering where Joan shops...Joan's not a Marilyn, Joan's a CC. :-) I just picked up the Mrs. Mittens hair yesterday, because it was "joan-ish". For Joan daytime I'd have probably pulled out Analog Dog Mia or Truth Valerie. I actually didn't know Launa Fauna was doing skin again...Yay! I also have a red accordion.

Iris Ophelia

Actually Chrono I already had Mia set aside for something else in this series, so I couldn't use it here. As for Valerie, I didn't like the volume on the top by the part, or the hair over the eye, both of which felt a bit too modern to me.


Hi, you mentioned the skin you used from L. Fauna. I would love to know which shape you used.

Harper Ganesvoort

We've forgotten, there's another great thing about Christina Hendricks -- she knits!


Seems these things you can no longer get but since the new mesh baked in beta would be able to wear these clothes in with mesh obdy's. I have seen a hair like this but probably hard to find. Be nice if they allowed some these things back they no longer in the stores wish I was around in 2010 well there are things out there.

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