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Sunday, August 01, 2010


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Delinda Dyrssen

Friday I was watching while working (like many people probably were) so I missed some of his statements too. Today I watched again and I noticed that he mentioned that he would like to be able to sail across SL with smooth sim crossings which right now you can do it but its a 50/50 you will crash while attempting it on any given day. yeah I hope they fix that soon. Even walking geez.. it can be hectic at times.

Hitomi Tiponi

Really they need to separate out the groups into two categories - one for owning and controlling access, and the other for social belonging and chat. That would solve a lot of the problems with group chat and a whole host of other things, including the limit on the number of social groups you can join.

Extropia DaSilva

I think sim crossing has improved, though. The other day I parachuted from sim to sim for over three hours (well, it was something to do) and I hardly noticed when I crossed the sim border. I can remember when the world kind of hiccupped whenever you crossed a border. This was much less aparrent on my latest journey across sims.

Viewers. I think the future lies not in a one-viewer-suits-all approach, but in viewers specialized to cater for specific users. For example, people who use SL primarily to make machinima should be able to use a viewer optimized for that purpose.

ColeMarie Soleil

Optimized machinima browser XD Yum

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