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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Arcadia Codesmith

I'm curious about these underserved markets. Mens' wear is a perennial favorite, but what other market segments are being neglected? Opinions?


ah.. i think thats bull

Rawst Berry

I'm dying to know what these "under served markets" are, but hell if I'm paying $50 for it. v_v


Are you serious? Pay for that? Guess what, in a couple of weeks, any decent merchant in SL could put together a much more comprehensive and extensive survey using a 100 linden survey system found on Xstreet. I can hardly even believe that any1 would think this is a serious survey. I'm sorry, but this is rubbish.

Tho, I would agree that there are still many markets that are not served. Seems to me that every1 shoots for the same market, barbie chicks. Well, and maybe goth.

Still tho, what logical person would think for 1 min that a 400 person survey can tell you anything, unless it was highly targeted.

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