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Friday, August 13, 2010


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Hitomi Tiponi

What a wonderful story Hamlet - more like this please. Can't think of a better example to cut through so many negative stereotypes about Second Life.

Magnus Brody

Thanks for this story, Hamlet. Not only did I think it heartwarming, particularly when I read of the vets meeting each other again, it definitely does demonstrate the best of what SL can be. As an antidote to the negative spin, which the more tradional media seems keen to trot out about SL, this was refreshing and lovely to read about.
David Brouchoud / Henry Borgnine, a former British army officer salutes you, Sir.


I agree with Hitomi.
Second Life is much more than sex, vampires, sex, fashionistas, sex, furries, sex, make believe artists, sex and people who are disappointed when they learn this is not a video game and vent their rage with griefing.

The power of Second Life is the joy of creation. Whether that creation is an object, a place, a time or a way of life. It's a place where the common man can build a dream, without the requirement of a college degree. It can be simple or complex, whatever your skill level.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

This is really heart-warming stuff at the end of a difficult week. I'd love to see a SL Ghost-Fleet one day.

I'll get by the Helena ASAP.

RJ Kikuchiyo

Thank you Hamlet for a great highlight on one great project! The Helena was built in my workshop even without a budget, the opportunity to recreate a ship like this was too good to pass on. I am working with other builders to recreate ghost ships such as the Schooners Ernestina and Wawona, both on the National Register of Historic Vessels. My involvement is ongoing, and the interest only grows. Please keep presenting these stories as they are exactly what SL needs right now, a positive spin to intrigue and encourage us to dig deeper into the stories of RL people and places and things - an entirely humanizing effort (an irony for virtual worlds) - Thank You Keystone, David, Bobcatt, and Vic (and many more!) for collaborating!

Ravishal Bentham

Great job RJ!. I've known RJ for a few years and his creations are excellent. It's really great to see life sized creations of famous/historical vessels in SL. I've had the pleasure to see the ISS Yamato, the Bismarck, and the ISS Hiryu in SL. Personally I'd love to see the ship I served on back in the late 80s, the USS Wisconsin, BB-64. Now that's a beautiful ship.

Adric Antfarm

Great story, great build.

Henry Borgnine

Thanks to all who have helped make "My Dream" come true. The support is amazing. A request for L$6,000.00 was filled in under 20 hours from the posting. You folks are wonderful.



This is the heart of SL. Well done, sir. Well done.

Ana Herzog

This is wonderful. While I'm not a vet and in fact am a peace activist both in and out of SL, I am pro-soldier and pro-peace. I am delighted whenever I hear a story of someone who has realized a dream and made new connections to memories that give joy. I only wish more retired folks would come and share their knowledge with the thousands and thousands and thousands of us who explore the nature of humanity through SL and opensource VW platforms.

I can't wait to tell my uncle about this and figure out a way to get him onto your ship.


This is just brilliant! This adds yet another bullet to my list of reasons why Second Life is more than just porn and gambling.

Remington Soup

Great story! Makes me think of the potential for SL builds to complement photos as travel memories... if only photosynth point-clouds could be directly imported into SL... (sigh)

Bixyl Shuftan

My father was in the Navy. This is one story that I'd like to see more of. Great build.

Free Apple iPad

I have 75 college credits from an accredited NY state college.

Do you think it'll be easier to have time to get a bachelors in 4 years as a Damage Controlman or as a Logistics Specialist?

DC are usally always on a ship, with LS I might have more time on shore to finish schooling so I'm guessing LS would be best.

I'm not interested in joining the Navy to get a Degree but if I can take advantage of it then why not? It is a deciding factor in me joining.

Sandor Balczo

Building, sharing, caring. These are the real staples of SL.

GM Nikolaidis

This is a wonderful thing. What a great way to put SL to good use. Well done!


A battleship is not a cruiser. Two different class of ship. Please pay more attention detail when you put these articles together.

Henry Borgnine

Hi non,

True, but still a good story.


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