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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


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The BM figures are beautiful but they suffer from very bad Uncanny Valley.

This is due to the figures being very symmetrical in facial proportions, the absolute refusal to acknowledge age in the face and the generic model type of beauty.

Our eyes see this and instantly know that what we are looking at is not human no matter how hard it tries to be real. And mentioning eyes, the gamebreaker for these avatars are their eyes. They look unfocused and dead.

Trinity Dejavu

And also .. Wrong blog about the wrong virtual world .. AGAIN.

Seriously? Is this what you're getting paid for? Spam a blog that claims to be news for Second Life users with pictures and pap about a virtual world we have all already downloaded and just an promptly uninstalled.

Adric Antfarm

melponeme, i think "soulless" is the word.

Eriko W

Mako always made great clothes and art, even back in the "old nippon days" :)
I'm glad to see he does well in Blue Mars. I'll have to open an account to go visit him, he's such a gentleman.

And I think it's great Mr. Au covers other worlds and platforms. Maybe something will happen in New World Grid someday and he can report there also.

Little Lost Linden

"The BM figures are beautiful but they suffer from very bad Uncanny Valley."

And when you sit back and just look at them, the BM avatars, you can plainly see that they are bobbing for apples constantly. Who bobbs like that in RL?

I normally don't. Maybe Adric does...

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