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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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Cisop Sixpence

Looks like after a summer of nail biting and blood sweat and tears that we are finally back on the positive road to progress, and it seems that we are moving at a rapid pace as well. Although I'm sure there are some out there that will think they aren't moving fast enough or that they are going to hell in a hand basket. As for me, I've just cleaned my rose colored glasses and things are looking rather spiffy today. ;)

Ciaran Laval

Mesh Open Beta will be interesting, there are several challenges facing mesh implementation so I hope we have a long enough open beta period to iron out the issues.

The teen educators solution looks very good, but why don't they do something similar with the whole of the teen grid full stop? Transfer their assets to the main grid, incorporate the existing teen grid on the main grid, restrict teen access to just that continent and allow verified adults onto the teen continent, such as the parents of said teens and take it from there.

Arcadia Codesmith

If you like 'porting COLLADA
And stacking prims is a pain
If you hate integrated tools
And Maya is on your brain

You're gonna like what will be coming soon
Stick around, it'll be great
But maybe for the rest of us,
It's time to plan our escape.

Nica Pennell

But where to escape to?
Stacking prims' pretty old
Sticking to that limit
leaves a world in the cold.
But take heart everybody
SL won't get rid of that
Stacking prims in the sandbox
Is still where it's at.

'Cause you need more than COLLADA!
You need to assemble the parts
scripting and textures
will still be valuable arts
It's no harder than sculpties
To use the new with the old
It's the wave of the future,
and the future favors the bold!

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