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Monday, September 27, 2010


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Valentina Kendal

that music ROCKS - how to make Legos seem evil!

Miso Susanowa

TY for this article/spotlight! I have been both a hardcore gamer and a 3d worldbuilder, and the Big Company people have yet to absorb the lesson handed to them by gamers and their purchasing power: eye candy is wonderful, pretty... and worth about 5 minutes looking at. A game is a GAME, and I'd rather play a 20-yr-old game like Elite, nethack or Age of Empires because it is a GOOD GAME, with lots of options, variables, action, strategy... a GAME. Not a pretty too-bad-this-isn't-a-dvd... because if I want a movie, I purchase a dvd.

Gamers have voted with their wallets and feedback. One of the most-beloved things about old-school games was the wholehearted support of modders and user-built levels and options. That is why people STILL play Doom or Quake... 14 years later. Game companies should take this lesson to heart, or move over for the likes of Minecraft.


Procedurally generated stuff is addictive.

Dizzy Banjo

now they just need to add the ability to make prim shoes and a micro-currency... oh wait..

Arcadia Codesmith

I'm holding out for an MMO that has a UGC system with Spore's ease of use, Second Life's flexibility, Blue Mars' graphic polish and Metaverse's pricing structure. What's taking so long?

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