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Monday, September 20, 2010


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Chestnut Rau

HA! My (almost) 12 year old son has been obsessively playing MineCraft for a while. The graphics are a horrendous mess of pixelated hooohaaa but he LOVES it.

Trinity Dejavu

"Minecraft got way too popular for this humble server. I've had to disable everything fancy to even get it to run. It went down on Saturday, September 18.
It will probably go back to normal on Tuesday, September 21. I hope."

While the servers are pooped, you can't register an account and therefore can't play. So .. A for effort? Least it wasn't something about blah mars.

Hamlet Au

You can still download the executable and play the solo offline version, actually.

Similar McMillan

@Trinity Dejavu

It's the opposite; while the servers are down, you don't have to register and can play without having to buy the game until the servers are up again. Notch turned the server failure into a kind of free play period.
On multiplayer servers too, as far as I know, but since there's no check right now, there could be more griefers (I only play SP, so I'm not sure).

Adeon Writer

This is the last place I expected to see a post on Minecraft. Minecraft is about pure unadulterated exploration and emerging gameplay, and for that it has a special place in my heart.

Adeon Writer

@Chestnut Rau: The style is often referred to as "8bit" and is pretty nostalgic to certain age groups, ranging from Poke-tot to Atari-geezer.

nand Nerd

A friend pointed me towards Minecraft a few weeks ago and Im hooked. When the multiplayer feature was released I quickly settled into a friendly server and watched it develop, its fascinating how some groups build towns and share resources. I do find myself wishing for features of Second Life to be included, like group IM, but its still early days yet and the sole developer, Notch, has a lot to do and a looong list of suggestions.

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