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Friday, September 03, 2010


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Barefoot Ballinger

I've been using it for a couple weeks, and I have to say - it's not as great as my unbelievably expensive gaming rig for graphics - but it rocks at what it does. I look forward to trying Second Life out on there - I would be the first to buy in.

Adeon Writer

If OnLive supported Second Life, I would subscribe the same day. No questions asked. Keep in mind I've never even paid Linden for a premium account. But I would buy into this instantly.

But for the time being, it's collection of games are far better off the cloud than on it, where the the lack of latency is highly preferable.

SL would be perfect for it, though.

Katharine Berry

I actually think the inverse is true – I don't notice the split second latency in action games, but it's very obvious (at least until you acclimatise) when your cursor shoots past where you expected it to end.

As far as I'm aware, there's no particular reason SL couldn't run on it; for more intensive games they devote a whole machine towards running it, as far as I'm aware (less intensive ones cheat on that front). It would take Linden Lab cooperating, though.

That said, their payment processor sucks as much as LL's. I am completely unable to pay money to either of them, which rather reduces my ability to use it – the half-hour free demos are impressive, though.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Wish I could, but... their web site sort of paraphrases the woman from Bob's Country Bunker in _The Blues Brothers_. "We support *both* kinds of computers--PCs *and* Macs!"


Sounds fun. Cloud computing can be great for Virtual worlds, since it decreases the price (and hassle!) of owning a grid server to virtually nothing!. I just started getting cloud servers to host my opensim experiments and for 1/5th of my sl sim I can host 4 sims for 10-15 friends!

Here is a bit of it, playing with Tor Linden's windlight presets http://twitpic.com/2l23kn

BTW Au, how come you have no twitter ?

Hamlet Au

I'm @slhamlet on Twitter!

Gattz Gilman

Personally, I dont like that I have to put my credit card info before I get to even see what the cost is.

Net Antwerp

While OnLive has very little hardware requirements, the bandwidth requirements are expensive for both customers and service providers.

A US$600 laptop/desktop (with discrete graphics card) would probably cost cheaper in the long run compared to the overall ongoing costs associated with an OnLive subscription.

Hamlet Au

Interesting point, though I'm not sure that math works out. You'd actually have to pay about $2500 to get a high end laptop that can run graphics on par with OnLive, then pay $65 per game, while also probably paying for a home broadband account anyway.

Net Antwerp

Fair point. However OnLive itself does not utilize high-end graphics - the graphics quality is sub-par when compared to high-end desktop PCs. $800 might be a bit conservative, but $2500 is overkill For people who want similar visuals/performance as OnLive - 1280x720 graphics with in-game settings set to 'low' or 'medium'.

In addition, Most people around the world (including myself) are on capped internet plans. Half of my 30GB data allowance is typically consumed by spending time in-world (Second Life) while the other half is spent on general browsing and videos on YouTube/Vimeo. Paying at least twice more (data fees) to play 720p/1080p streaming video games is uneconomical, from my perspective.

Game (license) ownership, input lag and privacy concerns are among the other issues of OnLive. Certainly not aimed at the general public, at this point in time.

Hamlet Au

Well, they also have a console-like box for folks who want OnLive hooked up to their TV, like a 360. But you're right it's not ideal for everyone. For example, me: I'd have to upgrade my DSL and pay about $100 extra a year to even qualify. And right now you can't use OnLive with wireless (they say that option's coming later), so I'd have to string a network cable across my apartment to hook up to my laptop, which would be a pain in the ass. The CEO told me the optimal customer is someone in the suburbs with cable Internet running OnLive on their TV or desktop PC, and I'm none of those things.

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