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Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Let the lesson be - never buy un-modifiable objects with shadow-prims bolted on (and don't sell them either).

Robbie D

... that plant needs watering Hamlet! :-)


I like that you call it a deck. Very shadowrun.

Arcadia Codesmith

I don't believe dynamic shadows are in general use enough to warrant widespread replacement of baked goods just yet. It may be a consideration for your personal space, but I wouldn't rip apart our retail outlet only to find that the final version looks bland and flat to people without shadows enabled.

Adeon Writer

There's been talk on Jira of flagging prims as a baked shadow so they can go invisible when real shadows are turned on.


I recently removed all my shadow prims and have begun replacing my textures that have baked on shadows. I've already started receiving complaints though. Apparently there are a lot of photographer/screenshooters who don't have the horsepower to see linden shadows. Perhaps it is a little early to make the change, but after seeing real shadows I can't stand to see baked ones.

@Adeon Writer
That would be really awesome. Is there a jira opened for this already, so we can vote?

Hamlet Au

Thanks Commizar! Usually I'd feel pretentious for calling it that, but this Alienware really deserves it!

Don't worry, Robbie, I watered Kona Gold before taking this pic! I wouldn't neglect him (much). Then again, have you had brown leaf before?

Nexii Malthus

The best shadows are perhaps those that are subtle shading and therefore compatible with shadows rendering.

And yeah, a significant ton of people can't run shadows yet on their hardware, so a switchover any soon will be fraught with complaints about people making their builds look more crappy than usual.

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