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Friday, October 01, 2010


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Okay, Hamlet, I'm callin' you out, lad.

You know I'm easy-going about your BM coverage, avoiding an Ann O'Toole eruption (fun as that might be) because it is good to hear about other VWs. But no world that remains Windows-only (for now) and has such a steep learning curve for content creation is "next gen."

Maybe "next gen" sticks in my craw because it reminds me of some bit of propaganda repeated by political parties until it just gets picked up by everyone. We get that crap from the Right in "Socialism" and from the Left in "Green Economy" et al. Soon all the bubble-heads in the wasteland of mass media repeat these mantras until I drive nails into my bald head and have a Hellraiser moment.

Or maybe I just prefer Kirk & Co. to Picard and his glory boys on their fancy-pants Enterprise.

But I'm snarky that way (and a Rhetorician by trade). The locution "next gen" makes SL sound suddenly like geezer paradise, and given your dismissive tone toward OpenSim, I reckon those grids are just poor country cousins.

I do wonder what concurrency in InWorldz is compared to the Martians. How many Martians are out there casting shadows, playing golf, and shopping for stunning wardrobes?

So, how about some other adjectives? I can e-mail you a boatload. How about "Exciting and with compelling features" or "really cool for shirtless guys with wings and horns at fake cocktail parties"?

/me removes old-gen mortarboard and picks up older-gen martini glass.

Hamlet Au

Haha, that's all good, snark away Iggy baby. I do believe cloud deployment at the very least is an inarguably next gen feature. I'll keep the hype to a minimum, however.

Nalates Urriah

Ignatius, you sort of stepped in it. Cloud based and server side rendering is about as next gen as one gets. Once they move onto the cloud they can run hi-rez Blue Mars on on a old Win95 or an iPad... plus avoiding the current gigabytes of download.

Nat Merit

Not being a dynamic streamed collaborative virtual world is a technological step back through. You could argue that Blue Mars is in the generation previous to Second Life, in the realms of users modding game engines using separate level-building tools to create their own content for something like Quake. 'Cities' are really just level downloads.

Any yes, CryEngine has prettier graphics than Quake's engine produced back in the day and supports modern content formats, but the actual 'virtual world' aspects of Blue Mars lag way way way behind Second Life. It's an off the shelf game engine designed to work with static content, not an innovative streamed collaborative virtual environment.

I have seen some promising signs of Blue Mars gradually getting some of the shared content creation features of Second Life and possibly side stepping some of SL's flaws in the process (previewing clothes on your avatar before you've bought them is very nice), but its current state is laughable compared to SL's streaming technology circa 2003. If it doesn't change to catch up with Second Life and OpenSim's shared virtual world technology, it's going to end up as a footnote in the history of virtual worlds. If virtual worlds are the future, Blue Mars is a dead end detour.

Nat Merit

Also, ironically, Second Life already has complete avatar mesh replacement working on beta grids while Blue Mars still can't even allow you to change your avatar's height by more than 10%.

So while I think it's brilliant that Blue Mars exists to hopefully push SL to compete a bit more on graphics features, I think you can only really call it 'next gen' in terms of the graphics of the off the shelf games engine it uses. Everything else is so 1999.

I also know that server deployed services like OnLive aren't currently viable for the average broadband internet speeds - you can try it yourself to see just how laggy or low res your connection makes 'cloud' gaming. Mine's barely up to the job and I live in an urban area.

Now what would be really exciting is if a company took the OpenSimulator code base and used it to make a new streaming virtual world with none of the legacy bugs and flaws that Second Life has. That's what I originally assumed Blue Mars was going to be. Don't think I've ever been so disappointed :/

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

"Ignatius, you sort of stepped in it. Cloud based and server side rendering is about as next gen as one gets."

I'm always stepping in it, Nalates :) And I agree, next-gen would be cloud-based w/ server-side rendering.

Whoever gets this out first and gets it to work well will indeed set the stage for the next generation of social worlds. And if educators can host that sort of world on our own hardware, then we'd have a great reason to move away from clients that resemble what we see today from SL or OpenSim.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Cloud-based? SL textures are on the cloud, on Amazon's to be more precise. The remaining assets (yes, including prims and meshes) are moving soon. http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2010/08/13/http-assets-improve-grid-performance-and-other-technology-news

Server side rendering? Click http://spoon.net/SecondLife and try it out. Sure, it will only work on Windows (but so does Blue Mars). How does it work? I have no clue. But it most certainly does not get downloaded to your desktop.

Previewing clothes before you buy them? Awww we all want that!! Philip promised it to us soon, but how exactly that will be accomplished (or how soon is soon!), we have no idea. Let's keep it on the wishlist and just grant BM the "technological head" on this one...

SL 2: BM 1.

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