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Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Raven Haalan

Awesome vid. Just awesome. Ty Cole!


'Tis awesome!

Cole, you captured so much of the inspiration and imagination brought onto the Playa. I see things I have not before. As a Ranger I have walked around the past few weeks, scanning the builds, looking for "errors". I see builds from new perspectives. TY! Great machinima!

I know the press had a short time to film yesterday, and there are so many noted builders and artists. But, there is so much more, some builders who should have been (or could have been) invited artists, have awesome stuff. Well, it's all about the experience. BE THERE


Remington Soup

I thought AM Radio was supposed to contribute, but I didn't see his work in the vid (which is fantastic, BTW)...

Little Lost Linden

Holy Coley!

ColeMarie Soleil

XD Remmy.... AM did show at the event but his build did not film so well with the way it was constructed or I would have included it...

Emily Lang

Great job, Cole! A little correction: The exhibit shown at 0:30 is not mine. It was created by Mikati Slade. I was simply a contributor. I'm glad you liked it enough to include it. Lots of great exhibits in this year's Burn. Come see them in-person :D


Wow Coley. Great video. I can't wait to see it all for myself. And frankly, I worship at the feet of your flycam skillz.

Hitomi Tiponi

Fantastic vid - will make sure I set aside a lot of time to look around, and be amazed.

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