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Monday, October 25, 2010


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So I *did* know a Linden after all!

Rin Tae

While I have never been interested in combat card games of any sort, I really like to see, that at least some Lindens have been very much involved with what is going on in SL. There is a lot of negative comments about how many Lindens seem not to get inworld at all and, without seeing and experiencing it themselves, are unable to develop a fully understanding of what SL is actually about.

I am not sure in hos much this is true or not since .. well .. secret alts ftw!


I hope more of them are enjoying SL secretly like he did.

Little Lost Linden

He can try to hide it with alts, but either way, in RL, he still looks like Bill Paxton.

Adeon Writer

Yeah, you can't really go around saying the Lindens don't spend much time in-world when they aren't allowed to (or wouldn't want to, not sure what the case is) talk about their alts!

Rob Knop

Lindens were strongly discouraged to be public about their alts. I ignored that discouragement, and was always openly Prospero Frobozz and/or Prospero Linden, and was just as happy that I was open about it.

I know some Lindens who keep their alts separate to avoid complications, pleas for special favor, accusations of favoritism, etc. If you're doing any sort of business in-world, it probably is to your advantage not to be known as somebody who works for Linden Lab.

(I never did much in the way of business in-world. I made all the stuff in my gadget shop freebies when I was hired by the Lab, and most of what I've done in-world has been in the form of theater and educational outreach talks.)

Rob Knop

Oh, and, by the way, when I was server release manager, Babbage and his team were probably my favourite* developers to work with. (Andrew Linden was also up there.) Babbage was rock solid, extremely dependable, and could get stuff done. It's a shame that Linden had to lose him. (Of course, it's a shame they had to lose a lot of the people they lost.)

(* Do you like how I spell all Canadian now?)

Eggy Lippmann

LOL, you mean for everyone else it was a secret all these years? Damn. I guess I was FIC back in the day, I used to know pretty much every Linden's alt :P

Gwyneth Llewelyn

OMFG!! I had absolutely no idea!!!! Hahahahahahahahah

I know Doc Boffin for eons, I think I've even given him some combat anims ages ago, when I helped to test a very early version of the Combat Cards game... and he has a plot not far from my home in SL... I was there a couple of days ago, not having read this article, and thinking: "it's so great that some oldtimers are still around and doing great things and still haven't given up on SL"

I'm laughing and in tears now! Babbage/Doc, you certainly kept your secret well. :)

Eggy, you know *everything* ;)

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