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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Nalates Urriah

The ADITI grid seems to have the tp bug. Once in ADITI one must make it to the Mesh Sandbox regions to rez a mesh. The tp bug prevents that. But, on the map one can see a few people in the sandboxes.

The trick to getting there is to type in your destination at login. Use Mesh Sandbox 1 or any number from 1 to 35.

The mesh dialogs work well. They lack polish but that is to be expected and will cleanup in time. The prim edit dialog works with the meshes treating them as any other prim.

Looks like fun.

Chenin Anabuki

Hey, nice. This will push abilities of creators to make even richer content. Right now, we can only push sculpts and traditional prims so far. Looking forward to seeing more SL mesh content examples.


It has a great start to mesh, some of my personal models will need to be properly adjusted for Second Life but overall the first hour glance at the features shows huge potential. I would hope that if we start enabling things such as Mesh we can start talking about Havok Cloth which will enable us to put more realistic physics to clothing and potentially hair as well.

All meshes I have tested in SL were exported using Blender Beta 2.54.

Graham Mills

Thanks @Nalates for the tip. I'm not an expert and didn't have long to play but basically I'm pretty impressed.


Im still considering what to make first, it all kinda seems simple, look forward to trial and error, will be like entering SL for the first time again XD. Im more interested though in the new Shadows option for Mac viewer, never thought theyd make that work, but there it is )


I have played with it for hours today, and I could not be more pleased! The importer really does a great job of accepting grouped polygons and multiple material IDs - no more need to group your individual sculpties together with a 3rd party tool like PrimComposer. I was about to close the door on SL and move all the way to OpenSim, but this really gives me something to look forward to (for both platforms).

Arcadian Vanalten

First, apologies, but I don't have a background in anything closely relevant to this topic, so if my questions seem ignorant, well, they are. But the ignorant rarely let lack of knowledge faze them, so why break tradition? XD

I get that these will allow more complex single objects, right? So, how does this compare and contrast to a sculptie? Will this allow an update to the basic avatar meshes (and if so, will that bork my clothes?) And will the mesh rendering impact grid performance/stability/lag?

I'm interested in the possibilities, but I'm told Blue Mars is mesh based and I've found performance there is deal-breakingly awful.

Little Lost Linden

So far only one word can describe it. That word is Groovy!



@Arcadian Mesh Import is a 3rd option for building content in SL. It is not an avatar update. Think of it as a more detailed more flexible upgrade to Sculpties.

A Builder.

The big potential here i think is to reduce the load...and also remove the compromises that sculpts place upon you. The same old sims have to cope with the meshes. This i think like any tool in SL can be used with some inteligence and enhance things...or be used to create the H Bomb of lag. No longer will there be 1000 prim attachments cars lagging the hell out of the sims. No now they can create the same load with just a few prims. Add a DT script....and throw up at your leisure.

A Builder.

I think what i meant to say was....we can now use less verts to make the same shapes, or , go insane on detail and lose the plot.

Adeon Writer

Even if you don't play with mesh and never plan to, the max prim size was moved from 10 to 64. That includes normal prim and sculpties, too. So now you can custom-make some megaprims. Biggest you can go is 64x64x64.

Arcadia Codesmith

"Even if you don't play with mesh and never plan to, the max prim size was moved from 10 to 64. That includes normal prim and sculpties, too"

Whoa. That alone could cut the prim cost of a big architectural build by half or more.

Cookie for Linden Lab. Good job.


An interesting detail to come out of this is that I discovered you can link together meshes, sculpties and flexi-prims into a linkset.

That should hopefully stop all the whining about "ZOMG! The economy will be destroyed!" because it will be EXACTLY THE SAME AS NOW.

i.e. those who can't build sculpties will *buy* them.

Shortly there will be "pre-built mesh packs" which you can link together into whatever you like.

But from what I've seen of the mesh so far, I'm stoked. I can't wait till this comes to the big grid.

Arcadian Vanalten

Oh, cool! Thanks for the explanation. I had heard apparently unrelated conjectures about updates to the basic avvie mesh involving something called Collada (which doesn't seem to be associated with rum, coconuts or pineapples, much to my disappointment).

So, better sculpts, more prim shapes, and legal megaprims? Overall, a win.


wouldnt be so bad if detailed mesh creations didnt cause you to crash when you touch them

oh and if it wasnt displayed through the broken veiwer 2
veiwer 2 is possibly the worst interface anyone can hope to encounter


well.. it looks very nice. i like meshes for better import and gone borders made by sculptis.also the integration of normals (which can allow linden to keep mesh prims low rezz) will take only a question of time. What i belive this will be next step for the mesh development.

not to forget that everyone can make own uv map and import it to the SL now. that will open many posibilities for more realistic avatars, primbreasts(bounce bounce boing boing) or furry fans. Also people can make more details in places they want. better mesh folding for bodies... ohh and maybe flexible mshes where skirt in only one mesh and not 60 prims raped apart..


okay foudn the first major glitch
all the mesh items in the sandboxes started flshing for me and somone else either way it got the ther point where entire mesh itesm were plastered to the screen flashing non stop

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