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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


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Crap Mariner

No Blue Mars.

(Must have sunk into the sea after a recent hypequake or something)


Abdul Lenroy

Lol Thats one funny Map :D
Runescape is bigger then Second Life *gasp*
I love this map :)

Darien Mason

Right after they finished drawing the MMO archipelago, a huge perfectly square-shaped island called MINECRAFT erupted from the sea...

soror nishi

What's Blue Mars?

Scarp Godenot

Gee, where is Blue Mars, Hamlet?

I admit it. I am bad... ha ha

Hamlet Au

Hahaha -- like Hawaii itself where it's made, it's still an underwater volcano about to emerge from the sea. IN A CLOUD OF STEAM.

Marianne McCann

Blue What?

Little Lost Linden

"like Hawaii itself where it's made, it's still an underwater volcano about to emerge from the sea. IN A CLOUD OF STEAM."

You mean, like a fart? I never thought of Blue Mars that way, but now that you mention it...

They do have nice looking water in BM, that is for certain.

How come Planet Michael isn't on that map?

paypabak writer

Love the crater on the Isle of Craigslist!

Arcadia Codesmith

I think the MMO subcontinent is incompletely mapped because so many companies regard subscription numbers as state secrets.

But there ought to be at least a couple more areas mapped out: "Fanbois who think SWTOR will make all other MMOs obsolete", and "Players hoping that Koster snaps out of it and gets back to designing MMOs".

I have a small villa in the latter territory.

Ron Overdrive

@Little Lost Linden: I think Hamlet was referring to Valve's STEAM community.

Personally I think its missing Minecraft and a few others, but still a funny map.

Hamlet Au

Poor Randall, Minecraft suddenly went huge in the last few months. I read Notch was just offered a job at Valve but turned them down. Would be too much of a paycut I guess.

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