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Thursday, October 21, 2010


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Eggy Lippmann

Ewwww... girls have cooties!

Scylla Rhiadra

Right. This is, of course, exactly what I meant when I suggested that NWN should run "an intelligently *positive* piece about the role of women in SL."

/me facepalms

In acquisition talks with Cosmo, are we?

Hamlet Au

Scylla, I have an open call for guest posts. If you have a perspective you want to express that hasn't been covered on NWN, how about sending me a pitch?


Ask furries too. In my experience they are the most enthusiastic SLxers. Ever heard of a "Tail auction" ?

Scylla Rhiadra

Well, actually Hamlet . . . I sent you a pitch for a story, on a somewhat different subject, somewhat over a year ago, I believe. And never heard back from you.

But thank you; I'll give it some thought.

Nyoko Salome

;0 scylia, i've always though the lab shouldn't shy from the 'cosmo' direction! ;) what was your idea?

Adeon Writer

One relationship in SL was good enough for me. Sticking with with real life from here on out.


LOL, Hamlet! I cannot get the real take on this.

I am all about "show me 'da data".

So when 1st reference is "Armed with a boatload of conversations, and the results of my recent survey on women and SLex," (ahem) I’ve reached the following conclusion...

and the next reference.."My friend and fashion diva" is...

is this the Daly report for Second Life? or the National Inquirer?

your friend and admirer,

Scylla Rhiadra


Hmmm, maybe a post on "50 Fabulous Ways to Emote Your Man So He's Yours Forever"?

I suppose I could try pitching THAT to Hamlet . . .

/me chews her pencil end thoughtfully . . .

Linda Paine

Time for a new Kinsey-Report? :-)

paypabak writer

Very well done. Wonderful that Gabby was so forthcoming; she and Codie are terrific. I have also experienced a change in long-term relationships where the SLex would just turn to tickles and giggles rather than an "earth-shattering climax" ... The CONtext is everything.

Arcadia Codesmith

I should think that the issue with reaching orgasm while simultaneously writing collaborative erotic fiction via keyboard would be obvious. That's a pretty extreme exercise in multitasking.

Not to say it can't be done, mind you...

Kaycee Nightfire

"Residents realize that SLex is usually awkward, clunky, and far from arousing."

I read this and i can't help but think one thing, 'girls you aint doing something right !!!!!!'

Extropia DaSilva

I agree with Kaycee. Just as is the case with RL sex, some residents are poor lovers, some are great.

Is it exaggerrating to claim that virtual sex is as good as the real thing? Yes. But I think it is fair to say if you have an inworld lover with whome you feel you connect with on a deep level, who knows how your mind works and can capture an intimate moment using beautifully written erotic prose that riffs perfectly with what you yourself are imagining and writing..that makes for some terrific foreplay.

Fogwoman Gray

I guess my question would really be defining what you are talking about when you say "SLex".
Is hopping on a poseball and watching grownup cartoons on your monitor while laughing your arse off actually "sex"? While it is fun, I would not consider it intimacy.
Is creative erotic prose written in text while watching your avatar on a poseball enacting what you are describing SLex?
Is that same prose while sitting in a chair watching a sunset, or heaven forbid standing around in public also SLex?
How about on or off the poseballs, in private voice with your lover?
What about letting the two little cartoon people go at it on their poseballs while you and your lover sneak off to your RL bedroom to work on some friction?
Just wondering what your definitions were :)




Hi everyone. I am a male. I think I am having a very unique sexual experience in second life because many of the women I have sex with claim they have earth shattering real life orgasms. I only have sex with women who are looking for sex. Also, I like sex and a lot of it. Sex in real life however has lotsof risks from disease to emotional issues (i don't want to hurt anyone nor do I want to get hurt) so sl sex is a lot safer and very enjoyable to me. On several occasions sl sex has been as satifying are the best sex i have ever had in real life. Many of the women I meet in sl enjoy playing the role of the prostitute or stripper although in real life they are just sweet things. This provides a risk free environment for the women where they can enjoy sex but don't have to be emotionally involved. I have found that wmen are very sexual creatures and in SL where they are alone at their computers, they can be themselves. The lack of some of the senses works in favor of creating afantasy in which the brain takes over the body and weengage in a dream like but real sexual experience guided by my words and the visual experience on the screen.

None of this occurs within a committed relationship but over time, those women that are willing to put up with my womanizing become regular sexual partners whose company and comfort I enjoy very much.

Please feel free to comment.

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