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Friday, October 15, 2010


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Adeon Writer

Collada is a very open format, which can include features that a renderer may choose to ignore. Neither BlueMars nor SecondLife currently support absolutely everything a Collada scene file (.dae) is capable of containing. However, as long as they're not rigged, any properly modeled, UV mapped, and textured collada file could be uploaded to either world and be rendered as intended.

I'd be interested in seeing it!


Adeon - well, object materials aren't quite supported in SL yet either. (not until we get a proper material system.) but it tries to do a decent job "guessing" your intent and map them to what SL does support - colors, transparency, shiny, fullbright, etc.

Breen Whitman

A relevant variation of the headline " Can you Import Your Second Life Meshes Into Blue Mars (Or Vice Versa)?" would be "Can you Import Your Second Life or Opensim Meshes Into Blue Mars (Or Vice Versa)?"

Given that opensimulator implemented meshes on their "Danger" OSGrid test grid in the last few days.

Adeon Writer

Move? The benefit of a virtual avatar is it can coexist in a number of different places at once.

Hamlet Au

"Can you Import Your Second Life or Opensim Meshes Into Blue Mars (Or Vice Versa)?"

I'd love to see that too, Breen! Tell the folks in Danger that!

Metacam Oh

Both Blue Mars and Second Life are delirious if they think the future of the Metaverse are one of these closed platforms. Time to remove head from ass and get on with the future already.

Arcadia Codesmith

The walled garden is a necessary and natural developmental stage. Increased interoperability is the next step. The ultimate goal is seamless and transparent movement between worlds. The prime barriers are revenue models that encourage or require each world to cage the residents in order to remain profitable.

Galatea Gynoid

Agreed. If we look at the history of the world wide web for comparison... First, it must be implemented. Second, it must prosper. Finally, it must be standardized. You don't get to step three until well into step two, or there's no significant impetus, and what constitutes best practices has not yet been proven in practice.

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