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Friday, October 08, 2010


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Bettina Tizzy

John Lennon lives on, in my head and my heart. Thank you, Yoko, for keeping his memory alive for those who weren't around when simply everything John did assaulted the haters with love and options for a free world.

Little Lost Linden

Tried to get in but the sim was too crowded. 44 avatars at the time.

Anyone that did get in...Witness any technical difficulties with the performance, or did it go as smooth jelly?

II Singh

44 avs and the sim was overloaded?
Please........ No wonder SL is MUCH less than a desired venue for most people. Man Yoko, sorry you wasted your time with this archaic junk.
Time to spend time doing better things.

II Sigh

Also, time for "ll Singh" to spend time doing better things than trolling blogs

II Singh

no trolling here and very little concern over what coward imposters think...
Time for you to get a life.

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