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Thursday, November 04, 2010


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Seeing as the goals in SL are created by what you bring with you into SL, i cant see how SL can be effected by this act. Providing a platform for people to create their own worlds and content has to be completely different to selling specifically ultra violent video games surely?

Ann Otoole InSL

I know you will censor this but don't you remember that SL requires you be account verified over 18 to go places where such violent content might be available? LL requires such violent content to be rated adult. Property owners are liable for their content. If those factors make it into the proceedings then the video game industry may be doomed since it shows LL already censors such content.

I guess SL is safe since SL already has in place a ratings system and access control systems to deal with it.

Sorry if it pops your bubble of doom. But that is the facts.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Drop a piano on those regulators of the Nanny State, Mario!

Wow...I sound so GOP saying that.

But it's nice to see Scalia, with whom I rarely agree, reinforce the idea that conservatism does not equal puritanism. Way to go, Antonin!

Seriously, folks. My father said "no" to my seeing Planet of the Apes in 1968, when I was at a tender age. What happened to parents just saying "you cannot have/do that while you live under my roof, kid?"

Adeon Writer

I go by the Penny-Aracde coined term "A Policy Of Conscious Aggression" - If elements of a game (in this case, Second Life) only exist because the users thought them up and created it, it's not the game's fault.

Linden Lab hasn't created a single violent, adult, or offensive bit of content in their world.

It's why you can have a game where suicidal moms kill themselves, abusive dads beat up their children, and dingos eat babies. Sound horrible? It's in a game that's rated E for Everyone by Nintendo. (Super Scribblenauts). And that's fine - because the game only has those kinds of things if you manage to think them up and want to put it into the game.

Arcadia Codesmith

While I doubt that any action brought against Second Life would stand, the risk and expense of defending against such actions could be the death knell for any world that doesn't regulate violence.

I'm concerned about a regulatory climate in which the burden of proof is on the game producer to establish redeeming merit.

With the abolishment of the teen grid and the opening of SL on a limited basis to under-18 individuals, there is the potential for the further censorship of the platform on a 'voluntary' basis to head off legal action.

I don't want to be the defense lawyer when the prosecution shows a video of one player impaling another on a spit and roasting them over a slow fire.

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