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Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Paisley Beebe

Thankyou for reporting this Hamlet. Delinda, has been on a world trip not to find a donor, she found one through a connection that she met in Second Life when she first started treatment for her genetic kidney failure. Delinda was on a round the world trip for a holiday and to specifially spread the word about her transplant through this service. http://www.kidneyregistry.org/index.php?cookie=1 She wanted to accompany her brother and his family, on this trip, and whilst doing so promote this exchange program. Her kidney she now has, was transplanted after her brother donated a kidney to a compatible recipient who's reletive donated to Delinda. Her brother was not compatible with Delinda its a sort of round robin style of exchange. No one sells and no one gets paid. Its an exchange between families.

Delinda was on her way to Indonesia, when she fell ill in Saudi, after Indonesia her last stop was in Australia where she was to meet with several of her Aussie freinds, including me.

Her last request before falling into a Coma was that we should know that she was probably going to be delayed in getting to us...maybe 2 weeks...She didn't know how serious her set back was.

She is doing well, her Dr is really positive that they saved her kidney, and that she will have no long term damage. But she has been in a Coma for 6 days. The music from the Pocket and her freinds there, has defenitlly helped her and increased her conciousness. They expect her to "wake up" within 24 hours.

Delinda is so passionate about getting the word out about her program. Please pass this onto anyone you know who is on Dialasis and suffering with Kidney Disease this is her passion and her desire.

Delinda is an extraodinary person, this is not her first health issue over the last 2 years, and she has endured enourmous personal loss. Those that know her know her to be a very energetic, person with a great sense of fun, and an enourmous ability to give. The only thing that will hold the girl down is a damn Coma!!!! but not for long.


Wizard Gynoid

yes, that's me in both of the photos above. when i heard the news of this amazing thing that delinda's friends were doing for her, i was so moved i had to participate. i am so intrigued about the power that virtual friends and loved ones can express in this way to help a real friend. this tale says much about how *real* we all are and how *real* the relationships are, how much we *really* mean to our virtual friends and what we can *really* do to help each other in a time of need.

ColeMarie Soleil

:( Delinda has always been super supportive of me :X I don't know what to do but show up today.

Bettina Tizzy

Delinda, I'm rooting for you. A lot.

brinda allen

Seeing things such as this happen is why I continue to say that there is magic in virtual worlds. My friends AlexHayden & soror have spoken about how what is happening, about how this connection we have via pixels will long outlive the platform we call Secondlife.

Delinda you are so loved.

ColeMarie Soleil

Delinda you better wake up or I will beat you with a baby mudkip -.-


Thanks for posting the information on how to learn more about kidney failure. My brother lost total kidney function while he was in HS and thankfully was able to get a new kidney from our father.

I'm biased, but would also recommend everyone to register as an organ donor, there are 100k people just in the US who are awaiting an organ, read more: http://www.donatelife.net/

You can also consider being a living kidney donor to help people like Delinda, more information here: http://www.livingdonors.org

Eddi Haskell

Delinda bent over backwards to help line up top Second Life musicians for a benefit concert series I put on for www.breadandjams.org, a homeless shelter organization a while ago. She always is concerned about those who really need help, and now she needs ours.

One of the hidden "secrets" to the real world about Second Life is what a great platform it is to raise funds for charities. Delinda is one of the people who helped put this on the map. And she is a great person to work with too. I think and pray she will recover, and that this will not hold a wonderful person back -- and will participate in the concert tonight.

ColeMarie Soleil

:( I can't believe she's gone =/
I don't really know what else to add.

Mitch Wagner

According to what appears to be a Twitter account set up by a RL family member, Delinda passed away 8 am today.

I didn't know her well, but I am nonetheless saddened by her loss.

Oliver Szondi

I just herd the news as it came, i cant belive it. I met her in person and she was lovely. My deepest condolences go out to her family...RIP Delinda..

Twstd Ruggles

I have also just heard the news that has truly sadden my heart. Delinda was one of the best people to know in SL and will truly be missed soarley. RIP darling. Heaven just earned a hell of angel. xoxo

Wizard Gynoid

awwww. well, i know delinda heard her friends singing and talking to her. that's not a small thing. :-(

Bixyl Shuftan

My condolences. She got her start at SL Newspaper, and we remained friends after she left. She will be missed.

Kat Claxton

Delinda will be sorely missed by so many. It was a priviledge to get to know her in SL.

Lord Sullivan

Hopefully her message about organ donation will continue from within SL. I am proud to carry my donor card in the hopes that some day when my time has come my parts will help others lead a better life.

A time for those that don't carry an organ donor card to reflect on Delinda's aims and message and get one now.

A sad time for the family and my condolences to them and the hopes that you find strength in the awarness that Delinda created both in and out of SL about this important topic for all of us to consider.

Indigo Mertel

I am extremely sorry to read about these sad news. This really breaks my heart. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

Cellandra Zon

OMG OMG OMG, I logged on expecting to hear that Delinda was alive and awake and Now I hear she is dead. I'm sooo sorry. I will miss you my friend. You were one of my best friends in SL and I don't know what I will do without you. Sobbing completely now.

Lord Sullivan

There is also a thread on the SL forums as well here:


Whimsy Winx

I am so sorry to hear this. What a dynamic woman, how courageous to battle with this, and then set out to make sure others get the help they need. She is a credit to the human race, an example on being someone who can make a difference. She definitely made a difference. Saving lives, educating others in the hopes they could too. What an inspiration. My condolences to her friends, and family.

Nine Warrhol

My condolences to both her family and friends in all places. 32 is very young to leave this world but at least she knew that people were there for her in her final moments.

ColeMarie Soleil

She might have been young but she was a lot older than she seemed and almost kind of mother hen with me at times. She was a person who put other people before herself always. I'll always remember how she made me laugh the most. It doesn't seem really real to a lot of us yet I think. She touched a lot more people than she realized. Anyway I'll keep it short but I miss her.

Chestnut Rau

When I first started Chestnut's Choices Delinda was behind the scenes week after week, feeding me great content to share. She always had her finger on the pulse of the best in SL content and she loved to share with others.

The world is a little darker and a little colder today without Delinda. I am heartbroken.

Paisley Beebe

Shattered Sad Shocked. The world and her family needed Delinda and now we only have her memory. My Second Life will be all the duller without her. I can't quite beleive it. Sleep well my freind we will miss you so much. She was everything that people are saying, she was a genuine lovely kind person, she was really annoying! but you couldnt stay annoyed by her, she was just so passionate about life. Im going to miss her bouncing all over the place. Delinda was one of a kind. Geees what a damn waste!

MenuBar Memorial

Hamlet, thank you for this fine article about the passing of our dear friend. She was a major part of my second life, and is in my thoughts and in my heart every day.

Argus Collingwood

Beati qui lugent: quoniam ipsi consolabuntur

To the Family and friends of Delinda.. best thoughts and prayers going out. <3333

Bree Birke

I'm so sad for those who knew and loved Delinda well - she touched so many lives ...


My condolences to her friends and family. She went way too young.

Dan Barrie

Thank you Mr. Au for this story. I know that Denise was not one to go missing without letting people know where she was. Hopefully your report here will let her friends whom I did not know or was not able to contact, why she is no longer with them. We will miss her.

Alisa Draconia

The last pic I have of Delinda is in June 2010. I remember well that she had mentioned her trip around the world. Time passed and I never got word of her. I just looked at my old pics of her now, reminescing of the short few yet wonderful moments I had spent with her. She invited me to many live musical events and we discussed a bit as well.

I am saddened to hear that she has long passed away, but I am prefer to think that she had a wonderful time before leaving, sharing memories with many people in SL and in RL.

May she rest in peace and be remembered by those who knew her.

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