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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Claus Uriza

Congrats Henrik. Just tested it and works smoothe. Ofcourse it's rather limited by now. Can't wait to see what HTML5 WebGL turns out to be in the coming years.

Adeon Writer

Oh man, too many new toys all at once! It's Christmas early. :)


Very nice. Took me quite a while to load it from my east coast location, but its a great proof of concept. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Metacam Oh

No one wants small 3D in my humble opinion to be the future of the web. The point of being in a 3d world in most cases is to be immersed. Just because you can be embedded in Facebook doesn't mean anyone is going to find sub par aesthetics and clunky avatars appealing. If you want to argue about some of these Facebook games like Farmville are immensely popular with 2.5D graphics, but these are actual games, not a virtual world.

Opensource Obscure

What no one actually wants is other people stating "no one wants ".

The point of being in a 3D world is different for each user tipology - and SL shows there are so many different kinds of users, with different needs. Gamers, creators, consumers, artists, party people, fashion people, chat people.

Just because I'm virtual world user, I don't think that all other people would use virtual worlds the same way I do.

So, this Sirikata idea definitively makes sense - while arguing against web browsers supporting virtual worlds because "they're just games" doesn't.

Multiple tools, for multiple and different uses, for different people with different needs.

Arcadia Codesmith

The rise of YoVille demonstrates that people who wouldn't normally consider visiting a virtual world will do so if it's embedded and effortless.

The decline of YoVille demonstrates that they won't stick around if the content of that virtual world sucks.

Here's hoping that enterprising developers latch on to KataSpace and build content that doesn't suck.

And "small 3D" suits me fine, as long as you can somehow chain together enough small worlds to make a very big world.

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