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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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'Back in 1982 Steven Lisberger, long suffering director of Tron, recieved a dissapointing phone call. It wasn't exactly the first. His intrepid sci-fi movie had rather baffled moviegoers with its weird concept of humans embodied within a computer program - specifically an arcade game - and had limped out of the box office without even mustering a cult following. He was sure he had seen the future, this fusion of traditional film making with computer animation. Now the academy was on the line: they were terribly sorry, but his film was disqualified from the year's Best Special Effects category. It had clearly cheated. "They thought you entered code and shots came out" Laughs Joe Kosinski, director of Trons long gestating sequel. "They didn't think there was any craft or skill in it."'

"In 1982 it didn't connect with people. Now the idea of an online personality is second nature."

From the August Empire Magazine article by Ian Nathan

Ann Otoole InSL

Quorra is hot. Should be a great movie. I'm thinking opting for the Imax 3D instead of the real3d that seems more like cardboard cutout 3d.

BTW some of the looks, specifically Quorra's hair and general appearance, can be had in SL and was in SL before the tron legacy character work even started so the copyright witch hunt aspect in SL should be interesting on this one.

Nathaniel Flores

I don't think it's so much of a 'shout out' as that TRON basically first introduced the term by calling the dics/bikes etc environment the "Game Grid". "Grid" has been a term used for a futuristic virtual environment for a number of years. I think I remember seeing it referred to as that in Shadowrun among other things.

We also, as many people know, picked up the terms "rez" and "derez" from TRON.


the great irony of lisbergers fate is that today, many of the acadamy awards go "specifically" to films that are driven more by the code, and its "entering" then the art direction given to its usage.

I just saw AVATAR on HBO HD - without the 3D glasses as in the theater. Now of course it was DESIGNED for the 3D in the theater, BUT I found the same issues of non depth of field and visual direction that plagued the CGI, layer driven, Star Wars prequels...

Film where you can barely " hear" what Obi wan is saying in the elevator, because your too busy seeing the fly on a robots ass whos cleaning a apartment building window, 1 mile away.:)

anyhow... Snowcrash borrowed much environemnetally from TRON, and LL much from Snowcrash.... and so it went...

the future? always to look like the past--- the past of TV or film of 20-30 years ago.
that will not change anytime soon.


Nyoko Salome

i just came across this neat rl design of a tron-luminescent suit!! :) check this out; s'very neat... i can't wait for it to become available enough to wear such designs out clubbing for real!

Nyoko Salome

;0 google-newsing around for more... check out this inside-details article on the new movie's glowing suits!

and um... darn, looks like someone beat me to my idea for a 'pron' naughty!! ;0


Am I the only person who finds young digital Jeff Bridges next to older Jeff Bridges highly disturbing?

How long before they singularize Jeff Bridges and his digital self becomes completely divorced from the true man? That commercial of "Fred Astaire" hawking a vacuum cleaner is now the norm.

Galatea Gynoid

@Melponeme_k: The Idea of Jeff Bridges transcends the physical reality of Jeff Bridges... as all Ideas do. ;)

Arcadia Codesmith

"The Grid" predates both TRON I and the Internet. It was used to describe electrical and telephone networks. With the advent of the moden, the transition from "phone grid" to "computer grid" was so self-evident that apparently nobody took note of the first usage in this context. But it wasn't coined by a screenwriter... or a virtual world designer.

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